Remote | Freelance
AVRA Talent Partners

Title: Technical Recruiting Specialist
Location: remote
Comp: $35/hr
Employment type: Independent contractor

Our mission: AVRA Talent Partners is focused on disrupting the traditional recruitment industry through the decentralization of expertise. This means instead of one recruiter, running the full lifecycle on every open role assigned to them, AVRA has dedicated recruiting teams that consist of Coordinators, Interviewers, Headhunters, Domain Experts, all led by a Recruiting Strategist.

Why this role exists: The Interviewer is a vital part of the recruiting ecosystem, they ensure only quality candidates proceed through the hiring process and can screen both inbound candidates as well as headhunt passive candidates from all over the web. The Interviewer thinks strategically about each open role and has a passion for finding the best people, for the right roles. The Interviewer loves to listen first, but is equally comfortable setting others at ease through conversation. They have a keen eye for written and visual details, which comes in handy as they filter the first step of the funnel and keep candidates engaged through phone screens and reference checks. Each Interviewer uses creativity, diligence and engaging communication to find, filter and sell potential candidates for an open role.

What’s in it for me?

Contribute to the growth of an early stage startup and get to work with a kick-ass team. Enjoy lots of freedom, flexibility and ownership in a remote work environment. Work closely with and learn from a seasoned team in an exciting field, with lots of growth potential.


  • Lifelong Learner
  • 5+ years technical experience, be it technical recruiting or other role where you were an engineer or working with engineers
  • You are tech savvy and you know how to engage with technical talent


  • Sources passive talent
    • Actively finds passive candidates on bespoke job boards like Angel List, Behance, Dribbble, Working Not Working, etc.
    • Engages with passive candidates, provided by Coordinator, and narrows down list to interested, potential fits
    • Confidently speaks to our client’s vision, how the open role ties into that vision, and the roles importance within the larger organization
    • Develops and documents new ways of researching, sorting, and engaging talent—happily updating our systems and processes in order for AVRA to deliver on its mission
  • Processes applicants: Using an ATS the Interviewer passes candidates onto the phone screen phase or rejects them, implementing a careful eye for detail on a candidate’s written communication, spelling and grammar is essential, as well as a curiosity about them holistically as you review resumes, Linkedin and other links provided.
  • Conducts phone screens: In this stage the Interviewer puts their journalistic hat on, they at once create rapport with the candidate being screened while probing to get to the heart of their answers: judging for cultural fit, skillset match and keeping a keen ear open for red flags.
  • Reference checks (advanced): For mid-level, to senior candidates the Interviewer will also follow the Reference Check Protocol, both given and back-channel, to get a better understanding of the candidate’s experiences, strengths, weaknesses, what will help them succeed and looking for red flags.

Required skills:

  • Attention to detail, both written and verbal
  • Warm conversationalist
  • Excellent written and verbal English
  • Ability to probe delicately and read between the lines when assessing potential candidates
  • Ability to evaluate and communicate strengths and weaknesses of candidates effectively and concisely through writing and verbally
  • Quick learner: can pick up new technical tools, ATS’ and platforms easily

Required qualities:

  • Reliable + results-driven
  • Comfortable with ambiguity, able to improvise
  • Genuinely loves interacting with people, especially through phone conversations
  • High EQ, especially in regards to outbound prospecting (tone, voice, authenticity is so important)
  • Not afraid to speak up and challenge the status quo, but will back it up with data or facts
  • Self-starter
  • Positive attitude/optimistic
  • Good character