Remote | Entry-level | Freelance


This is a freelance/seasonal contract position with assignments on an as-needed basis.


We are looking for translators who are native Spanish speakers with great command of both the English and the Spanish language-grammar, mechanics, and usage-to help translate K-12 educational materials for students and teachers in the United States and Latin America.

Teaching experience or a strong knowledge of the educational field/market is a plus, as well as understanding differentiated reading instruction and Lexile measurements. Potential candidates must be able to produce translations that are reading-level appropriate, highly accurate, with great quality, and that flow naturally as if they were written originally in Spanish. Candidates should preferably be familiar with Latin American Spanish and culture.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Spanish Language and Literature, Linguistics, Translation and Interpretation, or related field
  • 3+ years of experience translating fiction and non-fiction differentiated content
  • Demonstrate excellent command of Spanish grammar, syntax, and mechanics while maintaining the integrity of the original source. Ensure structure and vocabulary are appropriate based on reading level. **All candidates must submit a brief translation assessment
  • Have experience working with FundĂ©u, RAE, and Diccionario Panhispánico de Dudas
  • Have excellent communication and time-management skills; ability to work independently
  • Strong technical and word processing skills
  • Reliable Internet connection


  • Translate K-12 content with accuracy, consistency, and high quality, while ensuring materials have a natural flow in Spanish
  • Apply rules of Spanish grammar, usage, and mechanics while translating and making sure that structure complexity and vocabulary are appropriate to the reading level
  • Work remotely in a collaborative environment, while maintaining open communication and a steady workflow
  • Fact check to ensure consistency of terminology and style
  • Foster professional relationships with colleagues
  • Demonstrate a high level of productivity
  • Assume accountability for assigned work