Software Sales Executive at Time Doctor


Software Sales Executive (North America) (Full-Time, 100% Remote)

Location: Remote
Category: Sales
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description
We need account executives in North America to sell our Time Doctor software using inbound leads. You’ll be supplied with most of these leads. You’ll be paid a very good base salary plus generous commissions. Your business hours will be Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Why did Yahoo famously ban remote working? Their team were slacking off like crazy, not being available, spending a lot of time on non-Yahoo! Projects. That’s exactly where our software comes in.

Time Doctor helps remote teams to be more productive with less stress and lower job turnover while saving companies money on real estate costs and overhead. It also helps build company trust and reliance.

We’re generating close to 10,000 free trials per month and we’re just getting started. That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for someone to telecommute and engage with our free trial users. You’ll be expected to answer their questions, qualify them, configure their trial, and invite their employees to track time with Time Doctor.

This role consists of:

  • Identifying leads: We do have a research team, but you might need to get involved.
  • Managing a pipeline: This will be the key to your success. You’ll need excellent time management skills. You’ll most likely have more leads than you can handle, so you’ll need to be organized and purposeful.
  • Account management: Compared to some sales teams where a deal is closed and passed on to another team immediately, you’ll want to keep in touch with your accounts after handing them over to customer success. You’ll want to ensure they add as many employees to their account in the first two months as possible to maximize your commission and to convince them to give you referrals!

To be the best match for this job, you need to have these key skills:

  • Language: English
  • Hustle: You need to be able to track down busy people and get them to talk to you. This requires creative communication, research, and hustle.
  • Quick task switching: The team is in growth mode. You’ll be expected to quickly switch between researching new trial users and phoning them, replying to chat (in under one minute), customizing emails, configuring trial accounts, and reviewing reports with business owners.
  • Persistence: We mentioned this above but it bears reiteration. You might need to email or phone someone six times before you get their attention. We need someone willing to push hard.
  • Communication: Time Doctor is 100% remote so everybody needs to be able to write, speak, and communicate well.
  • Curiosity: To excel in this role, you need to be able to gain a deep understanding of each of the verticals we sell to. That means knowing the events, companies, products, and, most importantly, the people in each of these verticals while having your finger on the pulse of any changes or developments.

Experience in software sales, remote work, and management is a plus.

This is a job for Software Sales Executive / Sales Account Executive / Account Executive / Inside Sales Account Executive / 100%-remote / work-from-home / virtual position.

We are a team of over 85 people working 100% remotely in 31 different countries to develop and market Time Doctor, a time tracking and productivity tool. Our software can be used by an individual or a team to track time for tasks and monitor computer activity, such as taking screenshots while you’re working, monitoring keyboard and mouse activity, and tracking web app and website usage.
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