SMB SaaS Marketer at James Publishing

James Publishing

SMB SaaS marketer: $40/hour + benefits

In June our small 40-year old publishing company launched one-of-a-kind marketing software and related services that are being well received by our lawyer customer base.  


As we add subscribers and features, we need a multi-talented marketer who can:

  1. Write concise and persuasive marketing copy, both for prospective subscribers and existing subscribers.
  2. Speak to prospects one-to-many virtually through videos and webinars about how our software and services can elevate their marketing.
  3. Test innovative new marketing approaches that generate qualified sales appointments.  
  4. Think strategically and hopefully become an active participant in our executive discussions.


This is a full-time position with benefits which can be permanently performed from anywhere in the country.

Most of our team is located in Southern California, and a minority come into a COVID-safe office, but we have had full-time, high-level remote contributors for decades.


You can learn more about our software at and about our law book operation at  

To apply, submit a resume with a cover note explaining why you think you would do well in this position.

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