Rootstock Software

Senior Software Developer

Continental US


As our Senior Developer, you need a solid understanding of all facets of developing software on the Salesforce platform. Further, it requires an understanding of and an appreciation for the functional aspects for a Manufacturing and Distribution ERP system.

As our Ideal Candidate, you are:

  • Proficient in the basics of working on the Salesforce platform including:
    • Objects and Fields (all field types)
    • Reports and Report Types
    • Salesforce Data loader and Bulk API for mass data export/import.
  • Proficient in the basics of programming on the Salesforce platform including:
    • VisualForce pages and controllers
    • APEX
    • Salesforce Text Classes
  • Understand the constraints and developing on the Salesforce platform including:
    • Query, CPU and DML Limitations
    • Query Bulkification
    • View State imitations
  • Know how to work within the Rootstock Apex Framework and become proficient working with:
    • Standard Maintenance Pages
    • Complex Maintenance Pages (Header/Line etc.)
    • Batch Apex
  • Understand the concepts of a Manufacturing/Distribution ERP system
  • Understand specifications provided for new development
  • Know how to troubleshoot and debug new and existing code
  • Possess proper habits around testing and validating all development work.


  • You will be given areas of stewardship within the Rootstock ERP and Financial products. This entails:
    • Possessing an in-depth understanding of the functional area (what business process is being done, what is the user experience expectation, etc.)
    • Knowing all the data objects in that area and how they interact with each other
    • Knowing the various source code components, what each does and how they interact with each other and the data model
    • As required, fix bugs and make changes to existing code.
    • Extend existing functionality as defined in product specifications.
  • Partner with our Product Management and Design teams to gain an understanding of new functionality and have a hand in the design of the user interface portions of the development cycle.
  • Collaborate with our Quality and Customer Support teams to trouble shoot and validate the software
  • As required, incorporate JavaScript and Ajax with Visualforce
  • As required, participate in the development of SOAP and RESTful integrations to 3rd party packages.