Senior Security Engineer at Redox


Senior Security Engineer


Redox Security Engineers solve the most challenging technical security problems holding back healthcare technology. At Redox, security comes first as patients and providers depend on our systems to be secure, available and reliable. The security team partners with every team in our business to make that happen.

We’re looking for the next Redoxer who will join our security engineering team to help us build security into our technology. This includes our cloud (AWS) based production environment, our CICD pipeline, applications and corporate systems. To be successful in this role you will need to have a vision for what secure systems should look like and design capabilities which scale as the team and company grow. You can be based anywhere in the US.


  • Be an active voice in our focused security engineering team.
  • Define the secure baseline and secure configuration required for systems at Redox.
  • Approach securing our company pragmatically, empathizing with engineers and developers to understand their needs.
  • Communicate issues and progress on complex problems in terms easily understood by stakeholders
  • Build scalable systems which enforce and monitor compliance with your secure baseline, rectify issues automatically and alert on problematic systems.
  • Support and build valuable training activities that uplift employee awareness and responses to security threats.
  • Monitor, report and seek to address security vulnerabilities in production.
  • Maximize security impact and reduce risk while minimizing the negative impact on our businesses velocity.
  • Mentor and guide engineering teams on best practices for keeping our production systems secure.

Background and Experience Desired

  • Knowledge of current threats and risks, how to detect them, how to build controls to stop them and how to create awareness of them.
  • Proficiency in cloud technologies and hands-on securing of AWS environments including detailed experience with AWS Organizations, VPC, Security Groups, CloudTrail, IAM etc)
  • Ability to distil complex security threats and risks into simple terms for non-security (and even non-technical) stakeholders.
  • Experience securing Linux/Ubuntu, Docker.
  • Knowledge of the OSI Security model and how it applies when securing networks and hosts.
  • Development experience sufficient to automate repetitive tasks and scale your impact.
  • Experience securing networks and infrastructure through firewall design, network segmentation and access (VPNs etc)

About Redox:

What We Do

Healthcare organizations and technology vendors connect to Redox once, then authorize what data they send to and receive from partners through a centralized hub. Redox’s cloud-based platform is vendor and standards agnostic and enables the secure and efficient exchange of healthcare data.

This approach eradicates the need for point-to-point integrations and accelerates the discovery, adoption, and distribution of patient and provider-facing technology solutions. With hundreds of healthcare organizations and technology vendors exchanging data today, Redox represents the largest interoperable network in healthcare. Learn how you can leverage the Redox platform at

Other Stuff About Us

Redox is an EEO company. We fully support the diversity of our team! Here’s a recent blog post about our stance on diversity and belonging: Diversity at Redox

We believe in holding ourselves to a high standard of conduct. Here’s how we think about this: Redox Code of Conduct

Successful candidates must be eligible to be employed in the US, and must reside in the US.

Thank you for your interest in Redox!

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