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Senior Digital Analytics Developer

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  • Location: Remote | Type: Full Time | Level: Experienced
  • Requisition #: BAM0124AI

Ready to Make your Mark?

We are actively seeking a Senior Digital Analytics Developer who can generate customized digital analytics collection code (javascript, TMS setup, DOM manipulation, etc.) and assist with its implementation and deployment with an understanding of our clients’ businesses, industries, and environments. Specifically, the Senior Digital Analytics Developer will be responsible for developing structured/modular javascript code and processes.

Functioning as a key member of our Analytics consulting team, the Senior Digital Analytics Developer integrates analytics code customizations into client sites, performs auditing and quality assurance testing, writes documentation for analytics implementations and helps companies explore their data. This client-facing role will help organizations capture accurate data and turn insights into actionable recommendations to achieve their analytics goals.

This is a full-time opportunity that can work remote or from any one of our U.S. locations.

Who We Are

Blast Analytics & Marketing is a leading analytics and digital marketing consulting company supporting leaders to EVOLVE their organizations. Through our deep expertise and proven process honed over 20 years working with clients worldwide, we help enterprises transform their data into actionable insights and better decision making — to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Our company is driven by smart, talented people who have a strong desire to learn and apply their knowledge, constantly evolving and pushing ourselves each day.

Why Work at Blast

At Blast, we believe in meaningful work. Regardless of role, you’ll have the opportunity to Make Your Mark every day, solving challenges and seeing the positive impact of your contributions, as we support leaders to EVOLVE their organizations. Join us to Make Your Mark — on each other, our clients, our company, our industry, and the community. Ask any employee why they come to work at Blast, and they’ll say “to make my mark!”

To Be Successful

  • In-depth understanding of how a Tag Management System works.
  • Strong problem-solving skills, breaking down complex issues to find the root cause.
  • Keen attention to detail and willing to pay attention to the “small things.”
  • Confident in your ability to explain complex, technical subjects to non-technical folks.
  • Confident in your ability to read, write, and troubleshoot JavaScript code.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Have a great desire to learn new things and are quick at applying newly learned skills.
  • Willing to lean on teammates when needed and support teammates when they need your expertise.
  • Make Your Mark on client and team growth.

Desired Knowledge, Skills, & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or any equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Proven knowledge of Javascript and an understanding of popular libraries and frameworks.
  • Advance knowledge in Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and digital analytics in general.
  • Experience working in Tag Management Systems (TMS) such as Tealium iQ, Adobe Launch/DTM or Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Primary Responsibilities

  • Problem Solving – You will receive an array of technical issues from very different clients and will need to assess their needs, find and implement solutions to these requests, and explain the results to the client in a way that makes sense to them. You will very rarely be handed structured requests on a regular basis. Each request will come with its own nuances and your responsibility will be to work with the team to find creative solutions to our client’s complex problems.
  • JavaScript Development – Your day-to-day work will often be done in a Tag Management System. You will be building code, troubleshooting code, performing QA on your solutions and delivering them to clients.
  • Client Facing Communication – You will meet with clients daily to understand requests and review the results of your previous work. It is important that you feel confident speaking in these situations and explaining the work that you have done in written communication and verbally, while on video.

You Will Work With

  • Director, Analytics Implementation; Analytics Implementation Consultants; Analytics Strategists; Program Managers and Reporting Team Members; Other Subject Matter Experts.

Are You a Fit?

  • Blast Analytics & Marketing is a small yet rapidly growing company that is continuously inspired to learn and tackle challenges in digital analytics and marketing. To get an idea of whether or not you would be a fit within our culture, please review our core values.

Compensation & Benefits

  • In addition to a competitive salary based on experience, Blast offers extensive benefits for full-time employees which include medical, dental, and vision insurance along with paid time off, a 401(k) plan, and much more. We provide a supportive, challenging, and fun work environment to ensure teamwork, productivity, and teammate happiness.

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