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Let’s face it: when you hear the term intellectual property, most people aren’t overwhelmed with excitement. That’s because most companies working with intellectual property are outdated and boring lawyersnot us.

At KISSPatent, we work directly with innovators to protect their ideas through patents, trademarks, and copyrights. We have a unique philosophy on idea protection because we aren’t a law firmwe’re a growing startup. We’re a fully distributed (growing!) team of 12 working worldwide, mainly with startups and entrepreneurs. We secretly love the technology that we’re helping to protect we all keep up-to-date on the latest trends in blockchain, artificial intelligence, healthcare, and food technology.

As our sales and marketing team continues to grow, we’re looking to bring on someone who can work on communicating our value proposition to potential clients over the course of our sales cycle. We mainly focus on B2B services, so a solid understanding of the technology eco-system is a must, as many of our potential leads come from within.


We are looking for an energetic sales representative who can learn quickly, take constructive feedback, and turn leads into sales.

This is the right role for you if

  • You want to help startups and tech entrepreneurs
  • You want to be part of a small, driven, and horizontal team
  • You thrive on learning about new technologies, and are eager to learn more
  • You’re efficient at building long-lasting relationships with clients
  • You’re able to think creatively about sales. We employ a number of different digital methods for sourcing and warming leads, but are always excited to hear about new ideas and strategies
  • You’re comfortable working online and use CRM tools as a sales enabler
  • You have ~2 years of experience in a sales role, specifically in SaaS B2B sales
  • You are great with B2B lead generation and outreach
  • You have experience working with startup companies, growing companies, and entrepreneurs.
  • You’re able to pick up new concepts quickly. While we don’t expect you to be an expert on patents or legal services, you’ll need to be able to learn and communicate clearly about patents and legal services


  • IP background is not required but an interest in entrepreneurs, innovation, and startups is
  • Ambition & drive
  • Self-starter
  • Fast problem-solving & getting things done mentality
  • Ability to operate independently
  • Flawless written and verbal skills in English
  • Ability to work in a 100% remote work environment


  • You want to help entrepreneurs, startups and growing businesses to protect, monetize, and scale their ideas.
  • You want to build collaborative relationships within our company that bring our marketers, business developers, community managers, and IP experts together.
  • You want to be a highly specialized senior sales representative with a unique set of skills in IP, tech, startups and sales.
  • You want to build a sales team.


That was a lot about younow we’ll tell you a bit about what we can offer in return. If you join our sales team, you’ll have:

  • A very generous commissions and bonus package
  • The opportunity to join a rapidly growing company
  • A platform to A/B test sales ideas and strategies
  • Work at a completely horizontal team organization
  • The ability to work 100% remotely as long as you have consistent internet access and can keep to our preferred operational hours of at least 7 am to 4 pm Eastern US time


A day in the life of our sales representative includes:

  • Leading our sales activities across digital platforms
  • Sourcing prospects, warming leads, taking sales calls with prospective clients, and closing sales
  • Maintaining and managing our sales CRM
  • Working with our marketing team to create sales drip messages for different sales funnels
  • Explaining the value proposition of our services to leads, and how they relate to the client’s work


We help businesses protect & monetize their ideas with the help of intellectual property. KISSPatent started in 2014 and has since grown into a global innovation consulting company that not only provides IP services, but also develops its own products.


We are a fully remote company with roots in the US and Europe. All of our team members work wherever they want, and whenever they want. All our work is done through a distributed, online working environment. This includes most of our client work as well, which is a huge deal in the legal world.


We are a growing team of 20+ people based in 5+ different time zones, and 10+ different cities across the globe. Because we have the amazing opportunity to work with people from anywhere, our team is united by our core values. We are committed to absolute transparency, equality, having shared responsibilities, and being receptive and open-minded.


No matter what your position is within our team, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Self-improvement fund. Get extra compensation for training & self-development.
  • Work from anywhere. Live and work from anywhere you want.
  • Competitive salary. Get a highly competitive salary anywhere you live.
  • Personal office coverage. Get extra compensation for co-working or home-office expenses.
  • Company retreats. Join our annual team retreats across the globe.
  • Sabbatical & vacation. We don’t count vacation day allowances.


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