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Remote – Sales & Revenue Operations Manager


Sales & Revenue Operations Manager

AltiSales is looking for a Remote Sales & Revenue Operations Manager with advanced English skills.
The job is 100% remote, but we want you to have an amazing office, so “hello Co-working!”

We pay top of market salaries and bonuses.
You’ll report directly to our Head of Sales Development and our CEO.

How is the role structured? (learn more)

Our company really emphasizes excellence. You will be in charge of executing the strategy for all lead sourcing, which enables our Sales Development employees to have the data they need to execute their campaigns. You’ll manage our remote team of employees in Philippines.

You’ll also join us for client calls, and work closely with leadership to constantly adapt our strategy in search for the most accurate and profitable audiences.

You’ll learn to use a variety of software solutions, from Linkedin Sales Navigator, Zoominfo, Everstring, DiscoverOrg, and many others.

This is the perfect opportunity to join a fast-growing company that has an incredible company culture.

Who leads this company?
AltiSales was founded in 2012 by Tito Bohrt, who himself spent over a year making cold calls, and over 6 years in Sales Development. Tito has hired and trained over 100 SDRs including some of the best performers at public companies like Citrix. Today Tito leads AltiSales and writes articles for Sales Hacker, Forbes, and his personal blog on LinkedIn. Tito has himself executed on Sales & Revenue Operations, having led the role at AppBuddy and sourcing over 30,000 leads in 4 months.

Excited to join us? here’s what you will need…

Commitment to Our Core Values:

  • Excellence: Results, not effort. How much, how quickly and how well you do your work matter much more than how many hours you’re in the office.
  • Ownership & Accountability: We behave like owners. We never wait to be told what to do, or feel like it’s not our job to go above and beyond. Always self-motivating, self-improving, self-disciplined. We make tough decisions without agonizing. We question actions inconsistent with our values.
  • Customer Centricity: We strive to make every customer successful because their success is our success. Empathy is our default. We work hard to augment our clients growth day-in and day-out. We pride ourselves on making a tangible impact on our customers lives and businesses
  • Common Sense: We believe that excessive rules make our company less agile and adaptable in a constantly changing world, and therefore we prioritize common sense.
  • Team not Family: We behave as a professional sports team. We want the best player in every position and try to hire, develop and cut smartly, to optimize team performance.
  • Company > Team > Individual: We seek what is best for our clients and our company, rather than what is best for our group or ourselves. Even when that means “closing the vault.” We are ego-less in the search for the best ideas. We help others and share information openly.


  • Source lists of companies and contacts for all our clients
  • Help company leadership with strategic projects
  • Join company leadership on client calls, takes notes and write professional summaries

Qualifications (non-negotiable):

  • Outstanding organization skills. You’ll need to keep folders, and summaries of all work done.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (to be tested during interview)
  • Excellent Excel skills, including Pivot Tables, Formula fields, VLookups, etc.
  • A growth mindset. A desire to learn and be better every day.
  • Willingness to learn and adapt constantly
  • Willingness to contribute ideas and help your peers
  • Impeccable work ethic

Nice to haves:

  • Salesforce knowledge
  • Previous experience (SalesLoft or similar software help too)
  • Previous experience with other data software tools like ZoomInfo, Everstring, DiscoverOrg, etc.

Employee Benefits:

  • People: Work for the most amazing and highest performing sales development team
  • Work/life balance: Open vacation policy. Take off anytime as long as you’re hitting goals
  • Location: Work from anywhere you’d like. We pay your coworking space costs and buy any equipment you need.
  • Gym/Fitness stipend
  • Unlimited professional Development budget: Do you want to grab personal development books, attend conferences, or develop yourself further to be a better employee? We’ll cover 100% of the costs