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About RenoFi

RenoFi is a venture-backed financial technology company helping make home renovations possible.

The demand for home renovations has never been stronger, yet, it’s surprisingly difficult for a new homeowner to renovate. It can take a decade to build up enough home equity and savings to pay for a major renovation. As a result, recent homeowners do a lot of financially-suboptimal things to compensate – like borrow from their 401k, rack up credit card debt and use high-interest personal loans. Or they just live unhappily for years in a home that doesn’t meet their family’s needs.

But by completing a major renovation, homeowners are increasing the value of their home. Professional real estate investors leverage this After Renovation Value (ARV) to roll the increase in value into new properties all the time. But until now, there hasn’t been a great way for homeowners to take advantage of this.

To meet this need, RenoFi has created a suite of new financial loan products, called RenoFi Loans, which are based on the expected value of the home post-renovation. By using the After Renovation Value, homeowners unlock the additional equity needed to finance their entire project (sometimes up to 10x the borrowing power) while also ensuring they get the lowest rate possible.

RenoFi is not the lender; instead, we provide the technology platform to power our lending partners in offering RenoFi Loans. Our proprietary Renovation Underwriting Platform is what makes RenoFi Loans possible. We market our loans directly to homeowners and then match them to our lending partners. Our lending partners pay RenoFi for bringing them new customers and to leverage our Renovation Underwriting platform. And because our lending partners pay us, RenoFi is free for homeowners. RenoFi is truly a win-win-win for everyone.

RenoFi is backed by some of the best startup investors in the world including First Round Capital, Comcast Ventures and Canaan Partners.

The Renovation Project Consultant plays an integral role in the operations unit of RenoFi. The role is reviewing residential construction estimates, and other documents, and completing a feasibility report. The ideal candidate has experience in reviewing and evaluating residential renovation contracts, renovation estimates, and renovation plans and is able to accurately and quickly determine the accuracy of the data. This role is best suited for a professional who is, or was recently, a General Contractor, HUD Consultant, or overall construction consultant.

Key Responsibilities

    • Complete a review of various residential construction documents and determine if the key factors that determine a projects success are reasonable, with, some times less than ideal construction documents available. Key factors include budget, timeline, accuracy, etc
    • Be able to work independently, with limited oversight, and complete assigned work in a reasonable and defined amount of time.
    • Be responsible for the accuracy of the analysis of each project. Have ownership over the accuracy of each report.
    • Complete the defined report within reasonable and defined timelines.
    • Collaborate with the Head of Mortgage Lending Operations on best practice and minimum submission requirements to perfect the feasibility analysis concept.
    • Be a champion for RenoFi throughout the General Contractor community.

Desired Experience

    • 5 years’ experience reading construction contracts
    • 5 years’ experience in evaluating plans/specs, floor plans, renderings, itemized breakdowns with the ability to determine accuracy in cost and timelines.
    • 5 years’ as a General Contractor, or job experience equivalent

The role is part-time and requires about 10 hours a week currently. The role is a remote position.

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