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About the Role

Beck & Stone is a brand management consultancy with a prolific creative team that services a broad client roster in cultural, religious, and literary spaces. Deliberateness, critical thinking, and attention to detail are the core values of Beck & Stone. We pride ourselves in thinking of the client’s goals above opinion or vanity and our success is measured by our client’s accomplishments.

There is an immediate need for a full-time Project Manager to assume a few of the many hats that a boutique agency requires on a daily basis. We are looking for the perfect fit which includes remote candidates.

The Project Manager is the “traffic cop” at the intersection of the agency’s daily life. It is the Project Manager’s responsibility to seek answers to create realistic timelines, manage the workload of designers and developers, set realistic expectations for the completion of projects, follow-up with clients and creatives on needed items, and communicate liberally with all parties involved. They must be comfortable interfacing with partners and clients, asking them inquisitive questions, listening attentively to them, and communicating with professional grace. Documenting what will help the rest of the Beck & Stone team understand the client’s challenges, preferences, and aspirations, leading to better work, more efficient work.


  • Be intimately aware of the workload of each team member, assigning projects and setting deadlines based on capabilities.
  • Read every email and be present on each phone call, taking detailed meeting notes to circulate with the agency and/or client teams.
  • Delegate overflow work to freelancers and vendors when needed, managing them to meet deadlines and stay within budgets.
  • Create feasible timelines for projects’ completion, setting expectations for the client and agency teams.
  • Uncover roadblocks that could cause delays and work with the team to resolve them expediently.
  • Know what the budget is for a project and keep the work within it.
  • Plan and run status meetings by creating agendas and following-up on the items due.

Knowledge, Skills, & Requirements

  • A manager. Nothing gets by you or falls through the cracks. You find out what team members are doing and make sure they always have work to do.
  • A remote worker. 2+ years of relevant work experience, ideally in a digital agency, web development firm, or tech startup. We’d prefer if you have worked remotely for at least one year.
  • A communicator. On the phone, in person, on Zoom, you listen and you talk. You read every email. You regularly check-in with account directors. You ask questions. You document profusely.
  • A techie. Experience with modern office software such as project management software like Asana, team messaging apps like Slack, and more traditional programs such as Excel.
  • A creative. You have experience working as or with professional designers and developers, having an awareness of the specific challenges in the work.
  • A learner. Contemporary knowledge of the principles and trends in a modern workplace, with motivation to stay current.


  • Two-way communication and feedback;
  • Healthy work-life balance and flexible work schedule;
  • A competitive salary will be commensurate with experience;
  • Healthcare, 401K plan, paid holidays and reimbursements for needed mobile technology.

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