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Project-Based Content Writer – Finance

Job Description

Shmoop is a digital curriculum and test prep company that aims to suck less of the joy of learning out of learning. Especially when it comes to finance.

We’re looking for talented writers with vast experience in and a blatant love for money. Er, we mean finance. Know all the 4-1-1 on economic systems, money management, taxation, and saving and investing? Then this is the project-based gig for you. You’ll be writing engaging educational materialboth text and video scriptson these topics for an audience ranging from high school through retirement.

If any of these people sound like you

  • an econ major who went to a normal business school
  • an English major who is tired of making a living driving for Uber
  • a Polar Bear Freedom Fighter who just fell in love with finance for some odd reason
  • a retired accountant with a CPA and CFA 1 and 2 who just wants to have fu-un like Cindy Lauper sings

…then keep on reading.


  • Write and edit engaging finance content to be delivered on the Shmoop website (in either text or video form)
  • Surf the internet for hilarious yet informative content on finance
  • Communicate with Shmoop editors to produce new financial test prep content


  • Recent graduate, Master’s student (MBA), or PhD student with strong academic performance. Math, finance, or econ majors a plus.
  • Experience writing educational content on the basic principles of finance and business
  • An ability to research and write, fast and curious. If the concepts aren’t clearly and easily explained pretty much off the top of your head, then we’re not the right place for you.
  • Knowledge of (or an ability to quickly learn) Series Exam vocabulary elements, and an ability to reconstitute abstract ideas into tangible little stories/illustrative vignettes
  • Plugged into current events, politics, history, pop culture, and education
  • Familiarity with writing for both academic and non-academic audiences and the ability to express concepts in an engaging and approachable way
  • Highly detail-oriented and impeccable grammar, even though we ain’t got ours owns grammars so uniquely right all the times here
  • An ability to work independently and without supervision
  • Fluency with (and uh, access to) Microsoft Office software
  • A brainy sense of humor that is adaptable to all audiences. Know our voice.

Be ready to drink from a fire hose, and if you spell our name wrong (i.e., Schmoop), we auto-spam-folder you. So if you’re reading this posting a year from now, wondering why you never heard back from us, that’s probably the reason.

This is a freelance, contractor position, and you’ll be paid a fee per completed project. You can work from wherever you want (whenever you want, and also wearing whatever you wantshoes optional).

Send us your wittiest cover letter and a rsum; we’ll be waiting with bated breath.