Remote | Freelance | International | Part-time

Living, Breathing “Product + Marketing” Venn Diagram Intersectional Area

Work from anywhere. Part-time or contractor role is a-okay.

Trading or investing background required.


  • Take the lead in creating, designing, and running customer-facing marketing efforts
  • Monetize products and technologies that were created by bloodless engineers without social skills, and bring them forth into the world of sunshine and light. Help customers understand, implement, and receive value from them.
  • Improve customer retention by helping customers use the C2 platform more, and fail less.


  • Design marketing campaigns, emails, webinars
  • Recognize unmet customer needs, and then un-un-meet them
  • Interface with software engineers to improve products and services


  • You are an excellent writer. No, really. No B.S.
  • You understand finance, investing, and trading
  • Real-world experience managing marketing campaigns, measuring effectiveness, optimizing.
  • Real-world experience getting actual things actually done
  • Technical enough to be dangerous
  • Buy-side experience a plus


Either hourly, or per-project, or a little of both, with some performance-based comp possible. Basically: we talk; we figure it out.