Remote | International

Open Source Engineer, CMS

San Francisco, California, United States, Remote (Worldwide)

At Netlify, we’re building a platform to empower digital designers and developers to build better, more elaborate web projects than ever before. We’re aiming to change the landscape of modern web development. As a part of that mission, we created Netlify CMS, an open source React app for managing static content via Git APIs.

About the role

We’re looking for an experienced Software Engineer to work across the Netlify CMS ecosystem, but especially on the core project and first-party extensions. Since Netlify CMS runs in the browser, the project is mostly frontend, but it integrates with static site generators written in many languages/frameworks, like Node, Ruby, and Go, so backend experience helps. Netlify CMS has a enthusiastic and growing community, so this role involves plenty of interaction and support, as well as some developer relations.

You like to work on the user experience side of development – you’re not necessarily a designer (although it’s awesome if you are!), but you know how to make highly usable interfaces that look and feel great. You love innovating in a new space, as we’re often problem-solving around how to do traditionally server-side operations from the browser. You should love building tools for other developers, and enjoy the balance between writing great code and shipping at startup speed. Finally, you’re okay wearing a few hats, and can maintain focus going between writing code, supporting the community, and doing a bit of developer relations.

Our core tools at Netlify are React and Redux with a dash of Webpack and a whiff of Babel, but it’s more important that you have a solid foundation as a web developer and a good sense of architecture and clean code. Frameworks and tools come and go, but the fundamentals stay the same.

Our ideal candidate

  • Enjoys creating polished user experiences
  • Has experience working on products from top to bottom
  • Is comfortable designing interfaces (again, doesn’t have to be a designer per se)
  • Is a strong self-starter
  • Enjoys helping others solve problems
  • Has 4 or more years experience in a software engineer / developer role
  • Has expert knowledge of modern JavaScript
  • Has experience with modern build tooling
  • Loves a Git-centric workflow with continuous deployment and solid tooling
  • Is unafraid of digging into new tools, frameworks, and platforms
  • Thrives in an environment where experimentation and failure are celebrated
  • Gives and receives feedback with regard for both emotional and technical concerns