Material Damage Specialist – Auto (Virtual)

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The Solera Way

Solera’s uncommon culture is based on three simple principles: Think 80/20 (Focus), Act 30/30 (Efficiency), and Live 90/10 (Accountability). We define our mindset using Our 3H’s: Humility, a Hunger to succeed, and a desire to Hunt for opportunities to win. We train our volunteers to engage with each other modulating between their intellect (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) using our 3Fs: Facts, Finesse, and Force. Solera has become a global technology leader that is constantly growing in the double digits. The principles, drills, and values associated with the Solera Way have been fundamental to Solera’s success and our ability to grow, continuously change, and innovate.

Are You Uncommon?

We’re on the hunt for an experienced Material Damage Specialist (MDS) who ranks in the top quartile among their peers. Someone who has a highly competitive and entrepreneurial mindset that is wired with a team-first attitude, has no problem rolling up their sleeves to execute their missions, and can modulate between leading and following as needed. You will serve as the Material Damage Specialist (MDS).

What You’ll Be Doing

At Solera, we believe in providing clarity and focus to what are volunteers are responsible for their mission. The 80’s, as we call them at Solera, are the employee’s priorities associated with their role or mission. The mission 80’s for this role, are:

Quality: Consistently deliver client Auto Physical Damage appraisals/audits/evaluations and contacts in full conformance with state and federal regulations, defined process requirements, quality standards and business rules. Exercise appropriate discretion and judgment based upon your advanced auto physical damage knowledge.

Service: Maintain and improve service delivery that meets or exceeds contractual service level agreements (SLAs). Utilize advanced negotiation skills to improve dispute resolution with shops, carriers and claimants while controlling indemnity accuracy and overall costs.

Productivity/Efficiency: Drive to maintain required productivity standards while identifying ways to improve operational efficiencies through technology or process improvements.

Additional responsibilities of the role include:

  • Maintain current home state and other company required licensing through ongoing professional development and continuing education.
  • Maintain reliable high-speed internet connection to meet job requirements.
  • Contribute to a safe and healthy work environment by utilizing tools and equipment in the most ergonomically desirable manner, consistently adhering to safety policies and procedures, and promoting safety awareness among co-workers.

Are You Qualified?

  • Minimum of 3 years of prior experience with insurance carrier, automotive appraisal or body shop estimating and /or reviewing.
  • Current home state appraiser or adjuster license
  • Strong knowledge of electronic estimating software and ability to multi-task using multiple computer applications and multiple systems.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills and can effectively utilize email to send and receive messages.
  • Strong analytical and mathematical ability.
  • Ability to work independently from a virtual office without direct supervision.
  • Specialty/heavy equipment appraisal experience is desirable.
  • Possess skills / dimensions including interpersonal orientation, deductive problem solving, written/oral expression, behavioral flexibility, work ethic, attention to detail, frustration tolerance, and teamwork.
  • Ability to sit for multiple hours at a time and to work multiple hours a day at a computer keyboard.
  • Ability to remain alert and focused during the work day.
  • High school diploma is required. Advanced education, training and experience beyond high school level is preferred.

Our Space

We believe that offices should be destinations where people want to be places where people want to work, play and, collaborate. That is why we spend a lot of time on enhancing our workspaces. Solera’s work environments are intersections of the old and the new of the past, present, and future. They are spaces designed to stimulate creative thinking, innovation, and cross-functional collaboration.

We also embrace wellness. Whether it is our onsite or offsite workout centers, nutritional meals and beverages, or endless snacks for focus and energy. This wellness plan is our commitment to healthy living, which spans across our office environments.

Check out what had to say about Solera’s offices:

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