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  • RATE: £240 PER WEEK

Are you a talented and experienced content editor with a love of global travel? Do you have experience of working directly with clients? Can you manage a team of remote travel content writers, proofreading and editing their work, including feature articles, blog posts, guides, web copy and press releases? Would you relish the security of a fixed monthly retainer while enjoying the flexibility of working part-time to your own schedule and in your own home?

This could be the job for you.

The expert travel content writing agency World Words is looking for an experienced, highly skilled and flexible managing editor to head up our travel content team. You’ll work remotely in the place of your choosing and will report directly to our editor-in-chief. You will be on a retainer of a minimum of 12 hours per week, with the flexibility to increase this as needed.

As a managing editor, you will:

  • Liaise with clients at all stages of the process – from ascertaining their travel content requirements to negotiating a rate to delivering our completed content and invoicing.
  • Write some content for clients yourself and commission our pool of writers for others.
  • Edit the content delivered by writers and provide detailed editorial feedback.
  • Manage the World Words blog and social media.
  • Contribute to marketing and promotional efforts on behalf of World Words.

This role requires you to:

  • Be a first-class copy editor with a background in print and online travel content.
  • Have a proven track record of generating original and exciting travel content in a variety of different forms, from feature articles to travel guides to website copy.
  • Display perfect spelling and grammar, with meticulous proof-reading skills.
  • Have a keen understanding of variations between British and US English, and an ability to write and edit in both forms.
  • Complete your work to tight time frames, and never ever miss a deadline.
  • Display an understanding of SEO, social media marketing, CMS and HTML.
  • Show a genuine passion for travel and culture and have extensive personal travel experience (extra points for experience living abroad).

Here’s an outline of the terms:

  • Retainer of £240 per week payable for flexible availability to a maximum of 12 hours.
  • Availability for additional hours required.
  • This will vary according to workflow, where it exceeds 12 hours in any given week, the additional hours will be paid at £20 per hour.
  • The hours can be managed around your schedule, but you must be on email all day Monday to Friday and able to deal with any urgent client/writer queries that come in.
  • Candidates must be available to work from 5th August 2019. There will be an initial one month trial period, after which there will be a rolling six-monthly contract.

This is a freelance contract, so you will be responsible for your own tax return etc.