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Hi, we’re the Salesforce Content Experience team. Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

Technical writers at Salesforce produce documentation and content experiences that help customers get the most out of the product. We work closely with other writers, product managers, engineers, and the User Experience team in an Agile development environment to produce interactive training (, in-app assistance, help, guides, and videos for administrators, users, and developers.


  • We’re nerdily passionate about creating awesome docs of all sorts for our customers, from UI text to walkthroughs, from online help to Trailhead modules, from release notes to developer guides, and from videos to implementation guides.
  • Based in San Francisco, we’re also spread around North America. Shout out to Brooklyn, Rhode Island, Virginia, Florida, Seattle, Portland, rural eastern Oregon, Fresno, San Diego, and Vancouver!
  • We’re serious about the stuff a doc team should be serious aboutlike developing a smart content strategy and constantly looking for new and better ways to get our users the info they need when and where they need itand are equally serious about having fun. The highlight of our team’s planning meeting last year? A genre-bending musical spectacular created by and starring folks from across the team. (Look out, Hamilton!)
  • We enjoy long walks on the beach, a nice relaxing beverage at the end of a long day, and making the world a better place (for real: our team averaged over 30 volunteer hours per person last year).

But enough about us! Let’s talk about you.

Our ideal team member:

  • You have 2+ (associate) to 10+ (Lead+) years of technical writing experience
  • You have experience making challenging, complex ideas, concepts, and tasks understandable and appealing to diverse audiences. Maybe that means you have past experience as a technical or marketing writer, or maybe it means you come from the world of teaching, curriculum development, scientific journalism, or some other realm.
  • You have a creative side that is just dying to be expressed. We want to push the envelope on authoring engaging and inspiring text that gives our users moments of delight without irritating them. Your creative writing degree will finally come in handy.
  • You know that being a technical writer involves way more than just putting pen to paper (or, well, fingers to keyboard). You should dig into the stuff you’re writing about so you understand not just how it works, but why it matters to the people using it. You serve as the voice of our users when collaborating with scrum teams. You figure out the best way to get customers the info they need, and you find ways of connecting with the folks who use our docs to get their feedback.
  • You have the flexibility and openness to adopt our style, processes, and practices, but aren’t afraid to suggest improvements that benefits our writers, our collaborators, or our customers.
  • You’re an excellent juggler. Bonus points if you can literally juggle, but what’s most important is that you’re able to handle multiple tasks, projects, and initiatives at the same time while also keeping your cool.
  • You enjoy working in a team, and have the people and communication skills to do that well. You can also prioritize time to work independently.
  • You love writing for different audiences, from end users to admins to developers. You may have your favorite kind of user, but you can write content that will be engaging and informative for anyone.
  • You know how to gracefully accept feedback. Many folks across Salesforce have strong opinions about the experience we present to customers. You’ll need to know when to push back on feedback you disagree with and when to adopt.

We’d love it if you can write about AI and machine-learning-based applications, and/or know the tools, technologies, and practices we use on the doc team, such as:

  • Source control software such as Perforce.
  • An XML editor like Oxygen.
  • DITA/structured writing.
  • Peer editing.
  • The Agile approach to development.


Senior/Staff/Lead Technical Writer, Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) cloud is a small but growing cloud working on connecting the signals from billions of connected devices to the customer data in Salesforce to create rich, engaging user experiences. For example, what if your car could automatically send you a notification when your rear taillight went out, while also triggering your local service department to order a replacement part and call you to set up a repair appointment? IoT cloud makes that kind of innovation possible.

This role is to work on a pod of other IoT and process automation writers to create Trailhead, Help, developer doc, UI text, in-app user engagement, and release notes for IoT. It’s important that you can break down highly technical and complex features in a way that your average admin can easily consume in a variety of formats and deliverables. Most of your content will be for the advanced administrator who’s building IoT orchestrations in a point-and-click UIsimilar in complexity to Einstein Analytics, or Flow Designer. That said, there will be some API and end user doc as well.

Associate/Senior/Staff/Lead Technical Writer, Sales Cloud, San Francisco or Remote
We’re looking for an awesome, enthusiastic technical writer to join the Sales Cloud Content Experience team. Sales Cloud is Salesforce’s largest product line, and the content our team createsfrom targeted in-app user assistance to engaging help topics to Trailhead modules and beyondis key to helping our customers succeed.

In this role, you’ll work closely with product managers, engineers, designers, and other writers to plan and develop content that turns admins, salespeople, and developers into trailblazers. Here’s what we’re looking for in a new team member:

  • Excellent collaboration skills, and a strong desire to work closely with others across our team and the cloud
  • The ability to develop and deliver on content plans that connect users with the right assistance in the right place at the right time
  • Experience making complex ideas and concepts understandable and accessible to a range of audiences
  • Strong problem-solving, prioritization, and work-balancing skills
  • The desire and ability to create many different kinds of content, and to modulate your style and approach accordingly
  • The desire to be part of a team and a company committed to trust, customer success, innovation, and equality