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Lead Pharmacist, Pharmacogenomics

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Lead Pharmacist, Pharmacogenomics

Position Summary

This Lead Pharmacist will lead the transformation of Pharmacogenomics services by providing coaching, mentorship and education for medical staff and contract Pharmacists in the area of Pharmacogenomics. Engages the Pharmacists to practice to the full scope of their professional practice. Serves as a resource for evidence-based practice for the Pharmacists staff. Provides a catalyst for improving the quality the care and the patient experience. Develops standardized workflows and QC procedures to improve the work environment and clinical outcomes.


This position reports to the Chief Medical Officer and will lead activities related to Pharmacogenomics which include:

  • Provide Pharmacy care for patients including education, a comprehensive medication assessment, genetic testing oversight and documentation via Genome Medical’s telemedicine and electronic health record platform
  • Recruit and hire Pharmacists team with support from clinical leadership
  • Oversee and provide training, guidance and professional leadership to the Pharmacist team with respect to Pharmacogenomics.
  • Analyze medical/scientific literature, available Pharmacogenomics -related genetic testing and standard of care guidelines and effectively communicate this knowledge across the organization and externally to patients and providers
  • Develop and maintain (directly or indirectly) protocols and policies related to the provision of Pharmacy care and Pharmacogenomics-related genetic testing
  • Support the client services and information technology teams with expert genetics knowledge
  • Support healthcare professionals within the organization and outside by providing clinical education and decision support
  • Develop scientific and clinical material for the company website, brochures, test reports, training and presentation materials
  • Build relationships with thought-leaders and key decision-makers
  • Serve as a domain expert for the business development team
  • Manage institutional relationships related to Pharmacogenomics
  • Support commercial development efforts, including identifying prospective partners and defining opportunities to collaborate
  • Participate in on-call rotation providing timely support to care coordinators and Pharmacist network as needed


  • Doctor of Pharmacy or equivalent with certification and licensure where applicable
  • Both 5+ years’ experience in clinical Pharmacogenomics and leadership experience are required
  • Experience in an industry setting is preferred
  • Excellent interpersonal skills combined with strong oral and written communication abilities
  • Willing and able to travel, estimated at approximately once per quarter
  • Must be detail-oriented, strong communicator, self-motivated and technology competent
  • Strong commitment to the vision, mission and values of Genome Medical

About Genome Medical

Genome Medical is a network of clinical genomics experts using telemedicine to bring genetics to everyday life. Our mission is to provide expert genetic healthcare for individuals and their families to improve health and well being.

Founded by personalized medicine pioneers Dr. Randy Scott, Dr. Robert Green, and Lisa Alderson, our goal is to bridge the growing gap between available genome technology and current medical practice. As genetic information becomes increasingly important in medicine, there are too few experts to meet the growing demand for interpretation. We are addressing this challenge by creating a scalable, efficient model for lifelong genome-centered health care.

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