Charter College

Lead Instructor – Medical Assistant

Location: Online

Department: A – ONL – Education – Instructional

Employment duration: full-time

# of openings: 1


We are seeking qualified Medical Billing and Coding Instructors for our Online campus.

Our Faculty has the commitment and drive to help students achieve their dreams. Do you belong on our team? It is the philosophy of Charter College to provide a unique educational path for students that will lead to successful job performance and job satisfaction in health care, business, and legal industries. An association of caring and concerned administration; qualified, experienced and certified instructors; the College directs students not only to the highest level of academic achievement and performance but also to the nourishment of personal and professional growth.

Our Online campus is rapidly expanding and we need a Full Time Medical Assistant Instructor.


  • Prepare for each course to be taught a syllabus consistent with course descriptions
  • Impress upon each student the importance of exhibiting appropriate conduct in the work setting
  • Acquire feedback to determine whether students understand each segment of the course
  • Maintain academic standards
  • Evaluate students’ progress often and share those evaluations with them promptly
  • Be available to students with concerns
  • Review and be guided by student evaluations of instruction
  • Play an intricate role in student retention efforts
  • Serve on faculty committees
  • Attend and participate in official college functions
  • Keep on file official transcripts of your formal studies
  • Enroll in such courses of study and participate in such programs of professional growth


  • Master’s Degree in a related field required
  • 3 years related experience in the Medical Assistant field with the following: Electrocardiology, phlebotomy and lab procedures. Must have experience with the use of Electronic Health Records and Billing/Coding Procedures
  • Nationally Certified Medical Assistant Required

This is a remote/online position