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Title: IT Instructor

  • Location: US National

Here at CBT Nuggets, we are first and foremost learners. To us, that means knowing that we have a lot to learn and then dedicating ourselves to learning and applying it to our craft. We’re fired up about what you already know, but don’t tell us, teach us, and then learn alongside us. We’re looking for humans with passion, empathy, and accountability. We can’t promise that being a CBT Nuggets team member will be easy—in fact, we’ll go ahead and promise now that it won’t—but it will be educational and rewarding. If you want to learn more, we already like your style.


At CBT Nuggets, we refer to our instructors as trainers because they go above and beyond mere instruction. Our trainers are IT experts that possess engaging personalities, a strong passion for technology, and a knack for making the complicated simple. The CBT Nuggets trainer role supports our organization’s overall mission to continually improve the effectiveness of learning by creating IT-related videos and learning experiences that our learners can trust. Responsibilities include researching current trends and certifications in the IT industry, developing curriculum, creating instructional videos, product demonstrations, virtual labs, quizzes, and supplemental files designed to help individual learners, small businesses, enterprise teams, and government agencies achieve their IT-related goals. The CBT Nuggets trainer is also responsible for reviewing content created by other trainers to ensure that we always deliver our learners the highest quality content.


  • Create accurate, concise, and engaging content on a regular basis
  • Increase traffic to CBT Nuggets website by delivering timely and relevant content
  • Increase usage of products and features such as virtual labs and practice exams
  • Receive positive learner reviews
  • Meet or exceed the Quality Control Standards set forth by the Learning Content team


  • Stay up-to-date on current technologies, certifications, exams, and other IT industry news
  • Develop course curriculum leveraging your real-world IT experience and exam-related objectives
  • Design, develop, edit, and submit knowledge & skill-based instructional videos
  • Create effective learning experiences utilizing quizzes, demonstrations, labs, and other tools at your disposal
  • Collaborate with other instructors, illustrators, and other teams (e.g. Learning Content and Marketing)
  • Provide timely & constructive peer review of content created by your colleagues
  • Act as a brand ambassador for CBT Nuggets


Education required:

  • Relevant IT certifications or demonstrated in-depth knowledge
  • 5+ years experience in an IT-related field/area of expertise e.g. Cloud, DBA, DevOps, InfoSec, Networking, Programming, Systems Administration

Skills/experience required:

  • Independent thinker and self-starter
  • Attention to detail
  • Collaborative and comfortable working on a team

Attitude required:

  • Honesty, humility, and integrity
  • Inclusive and respectful
  • Strong work ethic
  • Passion for learning
  • Comfortable with autonomy
  • Eager to add new skills and grow professionally

Skills that are preferred, but not required:

  • Curiosity
  • Assertiveness
  • A love of IT and/or technology
  • Ability to be proficient with an Apple laptop
  • Proficiency with Gmail, Google Docs, Slack, and internal CBT Nuggets software


To continually improve the effectiveness of learning.


Position: The distinct point of difference our brand holds in the minds of our target audience.

IT training you can trust.

Personality: The human traits that describe our brand as if it were a person.

Passionate, empathetic, and accountable.

Promise: The consistent experience we commit to providing at every touchpoint.

Learner First

Interviewing Tips

What you say doesn’t matter nearly as much as what you do. Prove to us that you have passion, attention to detail, a good work ethic, and are an independent thinker through your preparation for the interview. Imagine yourself as already having the job and focus on telling us how you will help CBT Nuggets accomplish its mission with your help.

Sign up for the free trial and learn about the CBT Nuggets offering. Every teammate at CBT Nuggets has to understand our customer and our product. Prepare as if you’re already on the team.

Don’t be nervous, there’s no reason to be. If you feel nervous, channel that energy into a better use.

Smile, and enjoy the process.

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