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Who is Karat?

Interviewing is the gateway to building careers and teams. Yet, it’s no one’s job to do it with fairness and professionalism — so we made it our job.

Karat conducts first-round technical interviews on behalf of companies like Indeed, Intuit, Pinterest, and Citrix. Our network of experienced Interview Engineers have conducted tens of thousands of technical interviews with software engineering candidates. Clients increase capacity to interview and unlock engineering productivity, all while providing exceptional candidate experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the world’s interviewer. We conduct highly predictive interviews for our clients with rigor, humanity, and fairness. Karat helps companies hire the engineers they need to create the future and helps ensure that engineers are in jobs that maximize their strengths.

Content at Karat

Designing an ecosystem and interview process that accurately measures candidate skills and maintains a fair and equal assessment environment is an important and challenging task. It requires careful planning, analysis, and an ongoing evaluation of how to maximize accuracy and signal in an assessment.

The Content Team at Karat is dedicated to improve and refine the assessment modalities that have a proven track record and to research and explore additional ways to get greater gains in assessment signal with our signature excellent candidate experience. The work is highly cooperative and creative your work on this team directly helps more and more candidates demonstrate their skills to future employers with higher fidelity.

Your work as an Interview Question Engineer in Content Development

Karat interviews an incredible amount of candidates for a growing number of partner companies, which requires a large database of skillfully designed assessment challenges that align with the signals being sought for by each particular partner.

Each assessment challenge gives signal on any number of competencies you’ll be responsible for planning, designing, and writing an assessment challenge from start to finish to bring out the competency signals in accordance with the specific needs of our clients.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Work alongside other Question Engineers under the direction of the Content Management team to deliver progress on a well-defined development schedule.
  • Develop assessment challenges adhering to guidelines
    • Formulating a proposal
    • Drafting prototype assessment challenges
    • Writing comprehensive documentation for interviewers that will use your challenges
    • Iterating through review cycles with fellow Question Engineers and integrating feedback received during reviews
    • Testing and proving out the efficacy of your challenges
    • Launching your challenge and refining them with ongoing feedback
  • Assist with the improvement and maintenance of our existing assessment challenge library

How we work together

This is a remote team. We use the following tools to collaborate together

  • Slack
    • Our main communication hub
  • Zoom
    • For regularly scheduled Content Development Stand Up meetings and 1:1 meetings
  • GitLab
    • All Assessment Challenges are developed using git for version control. We use GitLab issue tracking to move development forward.

About You

  • You enjoy writing content, assessments and interviews
  • You are a technical expert in some fashion, whether it is writing interview coding questions or assessing technical knowledge and expertise in a specific programming language, framework or domain.
  • Can commit 10-20 hrs/week for at least 6 weeks per assessment challenge you work on
  • Starting rate is $80/hr for baseline experience

Desired experience

  • In-depth knowledge about a particular domain of software engineering or a framework
  • 3-4+ years software engineering experience
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate level degree education in Computer Science
  • Experience working as an interviewer, designing interview assessment challenges or questions, or work that required you to think deeply about assessing candidates

Bonus experience

There are a multiple backgrounds and experiences that could be a good fit for this role:

  • a deep generalist in a domain like front-end development, or
  • a subject matter expert in a domain like machine learning, or
  • a specialist in just one framework, like ReactJS, or
  • a domain specialist in an entire language ecosystem like Java, or
  • an academic with in-depth theoretical computer science expertise, or
  • an educator with learning, content development and assessment expertise, or
  • an engineer with a proven track record of eliminating bias and inequity in interview processes, or
  • an engineering hiring manager with strong skills in hiring and performance assessment