Inbound Sales and Customer Service at Kapture Pest Control

Kapture Pest Control

This is a hybrid position between inbound sales and customer service.

We are a small company and want to make it easy for our clients to communicate with us. When a client calls us it rings straight through to us. There are no complicated phone menus.

Our clients are primarily residential homeowners.

On an incoming call you could be facing:

  1. a potential new client
  2. an existing client

For potential new clients you have to be able to identify their pest issues and create rapport with them. From there you want to guide them through their treatment options and provide pricing. If they are ready to go you will get them scheduled right away.

This is the sales part of the position. In our experience, a lot of our sales close because we are able to offer same day or next day service. Sometimes they close just because we chose to listen to all the clients issues. We don’t believe in hard closes.

With existing clients you will be answering follow up questions and manage expectations.

It sounds like a lot, but with a few weeks of training you will quickly get the hang of it.

The position pays a salary and has some sales bonuses.

We are a young company and still very small. We are not a startup, but a local, small business covering New Jersey. We have great reviews online from our clients showing that we do good work. However, we are not a seasoned large company with lots of documented processes and handbooks. If that’s what you’re looking for then we are not a good fit for you.

On the other hand, if you are open to helping us become better as a company and don’t become frustrated if not everything is mapped out (yet). Then we might be a really good fit for you.

We choose to be great instead of big. We’re not there yet, but that’s the direction we’re going.

The pest control industry is a very stable and growing industry. Pest needs are a constant for both residential homeowners and businesses. We believe this stable industry provides an attractive environment for an exciting and lucrative career.

You have to be available during standard business hours EST. We are open to a 4-day schedule.

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