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Food Revolution Network (FRN) is committed to healthy, ethical, and sustainable food for all. With more than 750,000 members, FRN provides online-based education and advocacy with the goal of transforming food systems to support healthy people and a healthy planet.

Dedicated to building a sustainable, diverse and inclusive team and business that makes a massive positive impact on people and the planet, FRN is a fully remote company (work from anywhere), offering a 4-day (10 hour day) work week, flexible schedules, and a commitment to team member development, wellness and sustainability. Read more about us below.


FRN is looking for a Head of Marketing (HoM) that drives the growth, scaling, and marketing execution for FRN in pursuit of our mission for healthy, ethical, sustainable food for all.

The HoM works strategically within FRN’s Leadership Team to pursue sustainable and reliable growth for the organization via advertising, social media, content marketing, marketing funnels, email marketing, partnerships, and product development.

The HoM delivers results via successful marketing execution that helps to drive profitability, including paid channels, marketing funnel development, conversion rate optimization, business success metrics, and related workflows.

The HoM will develop and lead a diverse marketing team of copywriters, designers, media buyers, developers, business analysts, and managers while working cross-functionally to nurture a sustainable, positive, and high-performance work culture.

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer


Strategy Execution

Collaborate with the Chief Strategy Officer to develop, implement, and successfully execute a rapid growth roadmap.

  • Collaborate with the CEO, CSO, and Leadership Team to map out OKRs (objectives and key results) and KPIs (key performance indicators) that are in alignment with organizational values while considering constraints, resources, and unique positioning.
  • Drive the creation of clearly defined performance benchmarks and create strong and proactive feedback loops to measure success and recalibrate goals as needed.
  • Understand relevant market segments and the opportunities they represent.
  • Develop comprehensive marketing plans that provide clarity and confidence.
  • Communicate plans and results in a way that generates enthusiasm and growth.
  • Maintain perspective of the marketplace landscape, driving awareness of and response to opportunities and threats.

Advertising & PR

Plan, develop, and execute profitable advertising campaigns across multiple platforms, channels, and media.

  • Establish and improve systems, workflows, and SOPs (standard operating procedures) for optimal budgeting, advertising performance, seamless capacity scaling, and team growth.
  • Constantly iterate and improve advertising effectiveness through testing, evaluation, and technology integration.
  • Collaborate with media buyers to review pipelines, resolve challenges, and present possible solutions.
  • Manage any PR initiatives, including press releases, brand strategy, campaign strategy, etc., as needed.

Marketing Funnels

Build, modify, test, and otherwise manage marketing and sales funnels that convert both cold and warm audiences for our various FRN offerings.

  • Develop a deep understanding of customer journeys, product offerings, and marketing technology to improve overall performance.
  • Hold responsibility for the overall performance of marketing funnels.
  • Build, develop, and scale a marketing team capable of building and optimizing effective funnels for all priority initiatives.
  • Optimize customer acquisition, customer retention, average order value, and lifetime lead value at each stage of the marketing funnel lifecycle.

Metrics & Analytics

Collaborate with internal and external personnel to develop focused and highly effective metrics and analytics reporting systems and dashboards for rapid decision making and strategy execution.

  • Develop and improve tracking and reporting on marketing performance metrics.
  • Develop OKRs for effective media buying, including specific KPIs to assess the successful scaling of paid advertising campaigns.
  • Review incoming data to refine and drive marketing plan adjustments.

Customer Value Optimization

Develop and implement systems and campaigns to maximize long-term customer relationships and value.

  • Develop methodologies for surveying our customers in order to maintain up-to-date knowledge of our customer avatars, segments, interests, and trends – and to measure results and gather testimonials.
  • Build back-end campaigns and strategies for maximizing the value of our customers over time (knowing that customer satisfaction has a key role in increasing LTV).
  • Work cross-functionally with the FRN team to develop email and SMS marketing campaigns that leverage segmentation to deliver targeted offers and messages.
  • Coordinate with product development/leadership to deliver products/services our customers will want to purchase.

Strategic Partnerships

Manage and collaborate with Partnerships Manager and Affiliate Manager to identify, evaluate, and develop robust, mutually beneficial partnerships and joint ventures to increase overall impact and brand awareness.

  • Support and collaborate with existing Partnerships Group team members to build upon existing partnerships and to establish new strategic relationships.
  • Work with Partnerships Manager to drive a robust partnerships initiative that includes bulk licensing offers and deals to expand revenues and help FRN’s work reach more people.
  • Support and oversee the growth and development of the FRN affiliate program, including expanding on outbound affiliate revenues from external promotions, and building inbound promotion to support list growth and expand the reach of FRN’s programs.
  • Collaborate with team members to evaluate and assess fit for existing and new partnership initiatives.

Reporting & Budgeting

Identify short-term and long-term budget and resource needs, including the development and management of an annual marketing budget, profit/loss projections, expenditure spending, and other financial considerations.

  • Develop and report on, with action recommendations, meaningful and relevant OKRs and KPIs.
  • Ensure visibility of essential KPIs to key stakeholders.
  • Work closely with data/analytics team members and vendors to ensure the data is relevant, useful, and actionable.
  • Understand key marketing performance metrics and tracking tools to provide market research, forecasts, competitive analyses, best practice modeling, campaign results, and consumer trends in order to translate results into actionable insights for the marketing team.
  • Collaborate with business leadership to create dashboards that deliver relevant and useful marketing data.

Team Growth & Management

Manage, lead, train, and develop a powerhouse Marketing Team, identifying revenue-generative opportunities for team member expansion, and nurturing the development and performance of each team member.

  • Recruit, hire, onboard, train, coach, guide, and help develop diverse and effective Marketing Team personnel, including full-time and part-time employees, and contractors.
  • Champion project management, productivity, communication, and accountability skills development in team members.
  • Oversee the regular revision of training documents and SOPs (standard operating procedures) to capture the knowledge requirements of team members.

Leadership Team

Support the success of the entire organization by serving as a member of the FRN Leadership Team.

  • Participate in leadership meetings and training.
  • Work with the Leadership Team to sharpen strategy and steward implementation of that strategy so FRN can create sustainable and scalable growth, recurring revenue, and improve and develop products and resources to advance FRN’s mission and success.
  • Expand FRN’s and CEO’s authority and visibility.
  • Collaborate with the Leadership Team to maintain and improve a friendly, sustainable, diverse, collaborative, equitable, inclusive, and efficient team culture.
  • Maintain the Marketing Team budget.

Role Skills

  • Foster a positive team culture and a safe workplace environment for a high-performance team of A players.
  • Have a reputation for trustworthiness, kindness, and exceptional results.
  • Deeply attuned to and aligned with FRN’s mission of healthy, ethical, and sustainable food for all, including promotion of whole foods, plant-based food choices, and passionate about advocating for it.
  • Passion for and proven results in growth marketing methodologies (including digital/direct-response workflows, split testing, analytics, copywriting, content marketing, email automation, etc).
  • Highly effective at managing paid media campaigns and marketing team personnel across multiple platforms and disciplines.
  • Able to think strategically and develop plans based on organization goals, constraints, and capacity and convey those plans with confidence and clarity.
  • Comfortable managing and working with a modern marketing technology stack.
  • Delegation and leadership development (nurture a culture and systems that provide team members independence and leadership opportunities).
  • Ability to develop systems and procedures that allow efficient onboarding of new team members and consistent, high-quality work.
  • Fervent attention to metrics reporting and analytics data and representations.
  • Understanding of (and respect for) the critical role copy, design, context, and the psychology of persuasion play in the success of any growth initiative.
  • Able to understand complex business challenges and filter the essential from the non-essential or irrelevant.
  • Must thrive in a high-performance, rapidly changing environment.
  • Exceptional attention to detail, including design and branding accuracy, mission alignment, brand representation, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and messaging.

Behavioral Competencies

All FRN team members are expected to adhere to our Global Behavioral Competencies.

Working Environment

  • Comfortable working from anywhere with a 100% remote team.
  • Comfortable working with a team via Slack.
  • Comfortable working with others via Zoom video conferencing.
  • A quiet workspace with adequate lighting and a visually pleasing background for Zoom interviews and meetings.
  • Comfortable working within ClickUp for project and task management.
  • Expert-level proficiency with Google Workspace products, specifically Docs and Sheets.
  • Thrives in a fast-paced deadline-driven environment.
  • Self-starter with great communication skills, desire to learn new programs and skills, and has enthusiasm for data.
  • Report on the progress of current assignments via project management tools, as well as through direct communication with your direct reports.

Desired Experience

  • 8+ years experience running high-performance marketing teams (including a proven track record of success with paid customer acquisition at scale).
  • 8+ years experience with recruiting, training, and developing high-performance leaders within marketing teams.
  • Has profitably managed ad budgets of $100k+ per month.
  • Has built multiple sales/marketing funnels that converted cold audiences at break-even or better, at scale.


About Us

Our mission is healthy, ethical, and sustainable food for all.

Food Revolution Network is an online-based education and advocacy-driven organization committed to healthy, ethical, and sustainable food for all. Guided by John and Ocean Robbins, we have more than 750,000 members and collaborate with many of the top food revolutionary leaders of our times. Food Revolution Network aims to empower individuals, build community, and transform food systems to support healthy people and a healthy planet.

We believe that everyone, regardless of the color of their skin or how much money they have, deserves the knowledge and the means to healthfully feed themselves and their family. We’re committed to a world with a true opportunity for everyone to be healthy.

About You

You believe in the power of healthy, organic, fair trade, local, plant-strong food to change the world. You’re passionate about supporting the food revolution and movements for a more healthy, ethical, and sustainable world. You support our scientifically grounded, fact-driven, and welcoming approach, which promotes a whole foods, plant-based diet and is inclusive of a broad range of eaters.

You’re values-driven, highly motivated, self-aware, ethical, emotionally intelligent, multiculturally competent, compassionate, socially conscious, constantly learning, and respectful of yourself and others. You’re reliable, dedicated, undaunted, persistent, friendly, and forthright. You admit your mistakes, clean up your messes, and learn from everything.

Our Commitment to Equal Opportunity

Food Revolution Network is a committed equal opportunity employer. FRN recruits, employs, trains, compensates, and promotes regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law. At FRN, we aim to be a place where a diverse mix of talented people bring their skills, life experience, passion, and creativity to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. We are committed to healthy, ethical, and sustainable food for ALL, and that requires a proactive dedication to advocating for equity, inclusion, and opportunity including for those communities that have been most negatively impacted by our toxic food culture. We are committed to equality and believe in diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin, and all the other characteristics that enable each person to bring unique talents, insights, and skills.

Work Location

FRN is a fully remote team, with team members in multiple North American time zones. This position may be performed from anywhere, but we strongly prefer North America-compatible time zones, with a required availability from 9 am – 3 pm Pacific Time Monday through Thursday.


Annual salary (paid semi-monthly), depending on experience, with potential performance bonuses.

Permanent full-time employees also receive paid time off, flexible time off for holidays, wellness time off, health, vision, and dental insurance, opportunities for bonuses, and other benefits.

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