Growth Marketing Manager at Coder


Growth Marketing Manager


Coder is looking for someone to lead our demand generation efforts. We need someone who will 1) Find a way to tell our great story to as many people as will benefit, 2) Get them to try our solutions, and 3) Turn them into successful active users. But we are not just looking for someone who wants a job—we are looking for someone who wants to take a leading role in transforming how software is developed. We’ve created a great solution that will benefit a lot of Coders; now we need someone to build programs and outreach to ensure that everyone who can realize value from our solutions is indeed realizing value from our solutions. Be creative and growth hack. Try a bunch of crazy things and let data guide us to what works. Help us communicate with, listen to, and learn from our user base so that we continue to develop solutions that meet their diverse and evolving requirements. Help us help the innovators innovate.

We are a startup so your responsibilities will be both broad and deep—and we’re moving very quickly so you’ll need to prioritize effectively and establish lightweight processes to ensure you’re making the best use of your time and resources to propel Coder forward. It’s definitely a firehose in a whirlwind, but in a good way of course.

The Growth Marketing Manager will report to the VP Marketing

Essentially, you’ll get to establish Demand Generation practices at Coder. We’ve already got millions of downloads and a lot of active users; we need to define processes and establish programs to reach and engage with everyone else.


  • Brand Awareness — Ensure that everyone who could benefit from Coder hears about Coder, and knows what Coder does. Leverage traditional communication vehicles and identify innovative ways to cut through all the noise and get our message heard.
  • Customer Profiles — Identify our primary customer profiles and user personas across all relevant characteristics. Determine who can most benefit from our solutions and how best to reach them.
  • Customer Acquisition — Develop programs to fill the top of the funnel by building awareness of our solutions and the value they provide. Focus on accelerating customer acquisition and growth with an eye towards customer retention and expansion. Optimize email marketing flows
  • Lead Qualification — Establish a means to qualify all interactions to determine their level of interest and commitment. Create processes to pass qualified leads to sales, and to nurture relationships with those who are not yet ready to purchase.
  • Customer Journey — Define the customer journey to determine how we can initially provide value to our customers and then identify inflection points where we can add more value throughout the customer lifecycle. We are in the land phase of our growth, but you’ll also need to establish programs to expand our presence within customer accounts via up-sell and cross-sell.
  • Website Marketing and SEO — Optimize our most comprehensive and important marketing campaign, our website, to reach its appropriate audiences. Define the structure and flow so that every visitor to our website is able to immediately identify and access relevant content, whether they are a developer, a VP of engineering, or an employment candidate, etc. Structure all our communications for SEO.
  • Marketing Analytics — Let data drive us. Measure everything and revise everything we do based upon those measurements. Analyze and refine all marketing engagement flows to maximize conversion and product usage. Define our KPIs. Measure Customer Acquisition Costs. Understand customer lifetime value. And find a succinct way to communicate relevant marketing metrics throughout the organization. Prove the ROI of our marketing investments. A/B test a lot of stuff.
  • Advertising — Identify and utilize relevant advertising channels to reach and convert customers, including search and social media.
  • Partner Marketing — Build alliances with technology and sales partners to expand our reach. Identify an industry trend to align with so that as that trend gains momentum, we are pushed forward along with it.
  • Events — Own and coordinate event planning to maximize coverage and product adoption.


  • At least seven years experience in demand generation, growth marketing, growth hacking, A mix of larger organizations and startups is ideal.
  • An understanding of and experience in high technology — cloud computing, dev/ops, enterprise applications are a bonus.
  • Experience with software development highly sought after — be a coder to relate to coders At a minimum an understanding of the development process.
  • Adaptive personality, highly organized and self-motivating, willing to take ownership and deliver results in a fast-paced environment. Should be comfortable with high ambiguity.
  • Ability to understand technology at its core functions and articulate the benefits of the technology at a business level.
  • Innate drive to learn and grow.
  • A desire to solve problems and find answers to challenging questions.
  • You need to love analytics and be driven by data while, of course, developing really creative ways to reach our customers.
  • Software experience including a blend of the following — Google Analytics, Kiss Metrics, Marketing Automation, Marketo, HubSpot, Social, Hootsuite, etc.
  • Exceptional communicator (written and verbal), super disciplined, and able to develop a comprehensive how-to framework.

What Makes Coder Different?

Coder is an engineering-first organization. Our product is built by engineers, for engineers. We’re committed to building an organization and product optimized for engineering happiness. You can expect a fast-paced workflow and minimal meetings.

Our basic requirements for employment are:

  • A passion for your craft
  • A desire to be successful

Core Values


Humanity is the ability to make your peers and partners happy to work with you. This includes being social and open with your coworkers and building deep trusts. In a remote company you don’t get this for free, you have to intentionally work for it.


Efficiency is the tendency to optimize your time:output. It is linked with workflow-obsession and maximal utilization of tools.


Feedback is the tendency to seek external validation. That means measuring over assuming. This is linked with reduced cycle times and iterative approaches.

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