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Growth Content Contract Writer

REMOTE · United States


Do you know that sickening feeling when you read some of what passes for industry-standard content marketing these days? Yeah, we hate it, too. And you’ve got a chance to blow it out of the water.

As a Nectafy contract writer, you’ll help our clients find their unique perspective and create easy-to-understand, world-class content that our clients’ prospects find helpful and insightful.

If that seems like a thrilling challenge (and working with a fully-remote-but-connected team sounds like it’d be right up your alley), you might just be the perfect fit for our writer position.

What You’ll Experience:

  • You’ll conduct subject matter expert interviews via video conference, with an eye toward turning the information into clear, informative content offerings.
  • You’ll write helpful & insightful content based on those interviews, plus a little of your own research from time to time, just to keep things spicy.
  • You’ll get to collaborate with our highly motivated remote team in order to help our clients succeed. (And we’re pretty fun to work with, if we do say so ourselves.)
  • You’ll be able to speak honestly about your engagement and how we should improve as a company. (Nectafy is an office-politics-free environment.)
  • You won’t be micromanaged or office-sat.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to improve your writing skills with world-class editing, and you’ll be a part of a team of writers who are excited to do the same.
  • And you get to do it all with a smile.


  • Learn the ins and outs of our clients’ industries through research and interviews.
  • Build rapport, trust, and a strong relationship with each client.
  • Understand and implement the principles of the Nectafy Way.
  • Write and publish content assignments to make sure everything is implemented on time, every time, within the budgeted goal.
  • Write and publish content for each client that’s effective and engaging.
  • Understand and implement the principles of content and inbound marketing.
  • Adhere to company and client style guidelines. (Nectafy uses AP style with a few exceptions.)
  • Collaborate with a small team—consisting of an account lead, a writer, an editor, a designer, and a developer on each client account—to produce outstanding content.
  • Participate in a monthly writers’ discussion and share ideas about how to make Nectafy even better.

About Nectafy:

  • We’re out there. As a completely remote growth content agency, Nectafy is on the front edge of redefining how a company works, interacts, and delivers amazing results to their clients. We like to think of ourselves as pioneers… without the covered wagons.
  • We’re curious. We love to learn and we’re always up for a challenge. Every day is full of new opportunities. Like remembering which team member is in which time zone. (We’re in all four U.S. time zones and one time zone in Europe.)
  • We’re fun, doggone it. We’re a fun-loving team that knows how to get stuff done. You haven’t lived until you’ve created homemade confetti and thrown it in the air while celebrating a team success!

What We Value:

Do you value what we value?

  • Long-term solutions not quick fixes.
  • Intentional learning not complacency.
  • Radical excellence not industry standards.
  • Personal leadership not passive reliance.
  • Team success not personal status.


  • A love of writing. (Because you’ll be doing a lot of it.)
  • Excellent written communication skills, including impeccable grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • The proven ability to write strong copy and communicate complex ideas simply.
  • Solid interviewing skills.
  • A passion for details.
  • The motivation to produce a high-quality final product.
  • The ability to provide and receive respectful critique.
  • 2+ years of writing and/or editing experience. (Or you’re just so good that we wouldn’t notice your lack of experience.)
  • Fun to be around! (At least virtually.)
  • Fully committed to Nectafy’s success.


  • Compensation is $160 per standard blog post (600-800 words)
  • Additional content types at per piece rates