Remote | Freelance | Part-time

AchieveCE  is a forward thinking, health education based startup in Jacksonville, FL. As a company, we have experienced rapid growth since 2017 and are looking for a highly motivated graphic designer to join our team who can help to provide quality media and insight. The insight we are looking includes that of:

  1. Branding – We are currently looking to explore users’ reception to a partial re-brand and would love to incorporate A/B testing of quality media elements into that as well.
  2. Website Optimization – We would love gain insight into ways to optimize our website in order to maximize conversions and brand recognition.
  3. Digital Marketing – We will have ongoing needs for digital media creation related to ad marketing. Ad media types should include both videos and static photos.

Our Ideal Candidate is:

  • Self-motivated
  • Detail oriented
  • Able to work remotely
  • Oriented toward process development and refinement

This is a new position for us and as such, will be part time or freelance – both are open for discussion. Our goal is to be able to expand our digital marketing campaigns enough to where it will justify a full time position for this role over time.

Job Type: Part-Time / Freelance
Salary: $22/Hour
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