Game Expert – League of Legends at Mobalytics


Game Expert – League of Legends

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Job Description

The Mobalytics mission is to create the ultimate gaming companion, providing powerful tools that enable all players to step up their game and be their best self. In the last four years we have gone from just servicing League of Legends players to empowering players of different genres through Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and Valorant. We’ve achieved a lot but there is so much we can accomplish with the right talent onboard. We need razor-sharp, experienced, and responsible professionals who can help us grow and evolve from a small adventurous party into a disciplined raid team that can conquer any challenge.

We consider ourselves a gaming company even though we don’t make games because we work hand-in-hand with world-famous developers. We love these games and are members of the communities that make them thrive. This is not for the faint of heart. Working in a startup is hard, unpredictable, and demanding. Only the most passionate people thrive. Your love for video games, your expertise and craft, attention to detail, and your dedication to a great user experience will take you far with us.

As a Game Expert, you will be the person the rest of the party relies on. You are the guardian of the informational integrity of our platform. You must understand the game you work on really well, and even other games since there are a lot of common themes across Mobalytics. You must understand people very well, both those that play the game and those that you work with. You must be able to see the game from many angles, Challenger to Iron, Unranked to Professional Play. You must be able to use your instincts, but couple it with solid data to reach the best conclusion. On top of that you must be able to work with the Data Science team to turn your brain into algorithms that can help millions of players – don’t worry your brain will be even more valuable not less valuable if you can do that!

It takes real skill to get as good as you in the game, but it’s going to take a lot more to be a great Game Expert at Mobalytics… are you up for the challenge?


Game Expert Responsibilities:

  • Be Amazing at the Game
    • For this role, you need to maintain a rank of at least Diamond, or have maintained it for a very long period of time previously.
  • Strong Communication Skills
    • You are going to need to collaborate a lot here. You can’t just mute all and pick one champ to climb.
  • Strong Community Knowledge
    • Do you know which players are the best on specific champs?
    • Do you know great educational streamers or coaches?
    • You need to know everything about your environment to accomplish your goals.
  • Strong Understanding of How to Help Players
    • How did you get so good? Can you build stuff that helps others be like you? You won’t do it alone, but you need to think in this direction before the rest of the team can help you.

Mobalytics Required Personal Skill Set:

  • Self-initiated, fast learner with a positive attitude.
    • Hopefully, you’ll tell us what we need to be doing. Independence and agency are key traits at Mobalytics.
    • We want to queue with “Can do” party members because passion breeds enthusiasm, which in turn makes learning and team achievement infectious.
  • Strong sense of team spirit thriving in a fast-paced environment.
    • We strive for excellence and don’t waste each other’s time with BS.
    • We all support and encourage each other, but that also means being good at listening to feedback.
  • Excellent attention to details, quality of work and time management.
    • You have ownership of the product. Be proud of your work, not for our sake, but for yours. We will be proud too!
    • Working hard and having a sense of urgency are important, but being efficient is more important. Hard work doesn’t mean endless hours and “face-time,” it means on time delivery of quality work and achieving our shared goals.

If you love games and have a strong desire to create beautiful products for passionate communities of gamers, this is the place for you. We really want to help players maximize their enjoyment when playing with others around the world, and you should help us create that environment!

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