Full Stack Software Engineer at Claravine

Remote | International

Full Stack Software Engineer

R&D/Product · Remote


  1. U.S. or Canadian citizenship
  2. Currently live in the U.S. or Canada
  3. Available to work as a full-time employee (no contract work)

Preferred Experience:

  1. 2+ years professional experience writing enterprise quality code
  2. Desire to learn and solve problems no matter the technology
  3. Experience with Kotlin, Java, or other typed languages
  4. Experience with Node, PHP, or other scripted languages

Why Claravine:

  1. Directly impact the entire SaaS company through your contributions
  2. Figure out difficult technical problems with whatever tools you need
  3. Recharge when you need it—not only when you have enough PTO accrued
  4. Speak up about breaking the norm—we’re listening
  5. Transparently know the good, the bad, and the ugly; because that’s where good solutions begin
  6. Enjoy a strong culture through activities inside and outside work hours like hack days, lightning talks, swag, gift cards, etc.
  7. Wear multiple hats and own part of a startup, but with great pay and benefits (401k match, health/dental/vision/disability insurance, etc.)

We DO NOT want people who:

  1. Just work through tickets
  2. Want step by step instructions on how to do their work
  3. Want to ship code and forget it
  4. Already know all the answers

What tech stack?

We’re more interested in problem-solvers than coders. Since you asked though, we use React, Node (Typescript), Kotlin, PHP, MySQL, AWS, Kubernetes, macOS, etc. We can dig in more when we talk.

What does Claravine do?

We help large organizations solve difficult data consistency and accuracy problems, often within their marketing groups. One of the main use cases is setting up digital marketing campaigns correctly. I guarantee you have seen ads prior to reading this listing that used Claravine as part of their creation. Again, ask me about it when we talk.

What experience to I need to apply?

Professional experience writing code is required. Most of us on the team are generalists that gravitate more towards certain types of technology.

Do you have an office?

No, we have zero office space—remote work is a first class experience at Claravine. We will likely have a few small office spaces after COVID-19 for those who prefer to work in an office. The company started in Utah, so about two thirds of the company is currently living in Utah. We also believe some face-to-face time is important for building teams, so we’ll get engineering together on a quarterly basis (after COVID-19).

What should I expect during the interviewing process?

Simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Phone call, lunch, or some kind of chat with the director of engineering, which will include talking about compensation and benefits to make sure we’re on the same page
  2. Single technical interview with a few engineers
  3. General chat to meet some others at the company

Please enter the word “confirmed” when asked if you have read the entire listing. This is to avoid spam applicants.

And yes, we’re an equal opportunity employer. Diversity rocks.

  • Location Remote, Utah
  • Department R&D/Product
  • Employment Type Active Full-time

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