Remote | International

Full Stack Engineer

The Role

Voltus is looking for a Full Stack Engineer to build applications and services that leverage our growing stash of energy data. You’re very comfortable writing a React app and implementing the API that serves it. You’re also happy writing the backend service that feeds the API. You can implement beautiful customer-facing product and ugly-functional internal tools and have the judgment to know which to build when. You are bright, gritty, and good, and you want to work with others like you.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop the application and API layers for customer-facing and internal tools to process and understand our ever-growing pile of electricity demand data and market intelligence
  • Help build the outermost layer of the Voltus network, interfacing to a wide variety of electric industry partners
  • Build reusable frontend components and thoughtful APIs
  • Implement and follow engineering best practices, including unit tests and continuous integration
  • Work independently and thoughtfully allocate time among projects

Technologies you’re an expert in:

  • React, Javascript, ES2015+, SCSS/LESS, Webpack, Flask/Django

Some technologies we use:

  • Python, Javascript, Go, Rust
  • Postgres, Redis, S3, Kafka, InfluxDB
  • AWS, Docker, Nomad, Terraform
  • React, Flask, Scrapy

Want to be part of a team that is changing the world for the better and leading an exciting industry? Want to work with the very best talent in the industry, learn, and be challenged every day? Want to do well by doing good? Want to join a progressive culture focused on delivering uncommon value to customers? Interested in unlimited paid time off? Want to bring your dog to work?

Want to live in Jackson Hole and code in your bathrobe? We’re a virtual company, operating entirely in the cloud, allowing everyone to live and work where they love to live and work.

These are some of the many ways that we live our values and perhaps a set of reasons why joining Voltus might make sense for you. On top of that, we don’t require you to sign some silly non-competeā€¦ those things are for beginners! Join us and you’ll want to stay because it’s awesome.

Check in regularly to see our openings (full time and part time roles, internships). We’re hiring quickly so you can expect lots of changes!