Full Stack Developer at CarLabs Inc.

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CarLabs Inc.
Location: Central and South America, Africa, Eastern Europe (US is not eligible);  100% Remote & Flexible; Hourly Freelancer

We are looking for excellent software engineers like you!

If you’re interested in creating impactful software using cutting-edge tools and frameworks while being part of a passionate team working in an agile way, then you are like us!
If you want to do all of this with flexible hours, being part of a wide-world team in a company where your voice is heard, with a competitive salary, and opportunities to grow, we have the ideal job position for you.

Why do we want high skilled software engineers?

We are in a growth process with many opportunities and challenges ahead. We are looking for professionals that use software development as a means and not as the end and want to be an essential part of all discussions, from architectural, business, and processes to code quality. And this why we are looking for you!

What are the requirements?

  • Passion to code
  • Must be interested in all steps related to product development remember, code is only a part of this
  • Must not fear being wrong
  • Often we enter into discussions with some proven imperfect or incomplete ideas. And that is okay. The objective is to build the best solution
  • Love to learn and try new technologies
  • To have three or more years of experience as a software developer
  • To have proficiency in at least two different programming languages

About us

Now that you know what we are looking for, let’s check if we have what you are seeking:
  • Cutting-edge tools and frameworks
  • We use a wide range of technologies in our product, and we discuss the pros and cons of all of them, which means that they have a purpose
  • We use the technology for our service and not otherwise
  • Here are some of the tools that we use, but not limited to:
Programming languages:
C#, Python, Javascript;
Apollo Server, ASP.NET Core, Flask, Rasa NLP;
Postgresql, Firebase, MongoDB;
Kubernetes, Lambda, AWS Glue;
Jenkins, Docker, Datadog;
Operational System:
each professional is free to choose his own.

Software quality

We have spaghetti systems and well-written microservices with 100% of test coverage.
We are in the process of killing the spaghetti systems and moving them to microservices with metrics and test coverage, and we were hoping you could help us in that mission! But don’t be scared, the
spaghetti ones do not receive new features.
As said before, all new microservices have 100% of test coverage, and they are ready to be developed locally by using a simple docker-compose-up command.


We are improving daily and trying to be more agile, which means that we learn from our errors and improve our daily processes. Your feedback will be essential for this.

Code Review

We develop each new feature in a new branch and then create a pull. The team will constantly review this pull request to you receive quick feedback about your stronger and weaker points, and we expect you to check other engineer’s code. The entire team is involved and responsible for the code review process.


We believe that you don’t need to be a manager to receive a better salary. CarLabs is in a significant growth phase. Help us to grow, and you are going to grow together, simple as this.

Do you speak English?

We believe in diversity of culture and people. You don’t need to have perfect English to work with us. You can improve your English daily. The most important is communication. If you make some mistakes but still communicate well, don’t fear to apply!
To apply: email,  recruiting@carlabs.com

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