Full­-Stack Developer


Minds is seeking a highly motivated, driven and ambitious software developer to assist in the design and development efforts of our vast software stack. The candidate must be able to work both independently, collaborate with colleagues and direct and deliver projects.


Contributing to the development, architecture and maintenance of Minds products Creating new features and enhancements in collaboration with a team, adhering to technical architectural and process guidelines Contribute to and maintain a thorough understanding of application standards, policies, and procedures Engage and collaborate with the wider open source community Gathering requirements, writing code, testing, liaising with users and colleagues

Essential Skills

  • Javascript (ES) / Typescript
  • HTML5 & CSS (SASS)
  • Docker
  • UX & Design
  • Research and scope planning of projects
  • Ability and willingness to learn and evolve ideas


  • Angular / React (Native)
  • Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch and other NoSQL databases
  • Smart contracts, Ethereum or other blockchain technologies
  • An interest in decentralized technologies and solutions
  • AWS or other cloud services
  • Experience with mobile applications
  • Experience working in an Agile environment Lead Data Analyst Work with Minds

About Minds

Minds is a funded open-source social network with over 1.25 million users that gives power back to the people. Our core values are rooted in privacy, transparency and Internet freedom. We are challenging the traditional tech giants and are established as a leading competitor.

What are we looking for:

Driven, self-motivated, curious and inquisitive individuals who have a desire to disrupt the technology sphere. We want to work with people who have thirst for learning, developing new ideas and a keen interest in free, open source and decentralized technologies.

Open Source:

Minds is a fully open source company. All the software we write is free software, available for anyone to use, modify or contribute to. Working out in the open allows you to show off and share your skills, a luxury that most proprietary companies prohibit. Our source code can be found at Our press, whitepaper


  • Remote and flexible working
  • Co-working space allowance
  • Equipment allowance
  • Travel and accomodations for bi-annual Minds Summit Education and learning programme including courses, conferences and materials
  • Parental leave 30 days paid annual leave including holidays
  • Competitive compensation including stock options

Mind Summit:

Twice a year, the entire team and community meets in a new location for weeklong hacking sprints, panel discussions, live entertainment and the seeding of new ideas for the continued evolution of Minds.