Frontend Engineer is the analytics platform trusted by digital storytellers at some of the web’s best sites, including the teams at The Wall Street Journal, Quartz, The New Yorker, TechCrunch, The Intercept, Slate, and many more.

Our product combines Edward Tufte’s design principles for information visualization with Google’s engineering principles for high-scale data systems.

As a frontend engineer, you would join us to build one of the best real-time dashboards on the planet, using modern JavaScript development techniques, including data visualizations powered by D3.js.

How to get an interview

Our frontend team owns the core experience of’s customer-facing SaaS products — most importantly, the real-time analytics dashboard.

We are seeking a senior developer who loves programming and shipping production software, but who also has keen design instincts and an ability to simplify, simplify, simplify — until the data speaks for itself.

To prove these design instincts to us, we ask that you point toward some work you have done in the past that showcases your frontend, UX, or data viz design tastes. For example:

  • A web portfolio of data visualization sketches, e.g. on,, or similar.
  • Github, or similar, code repos for JavaScript code, along with a README that describes or showcases how it looks when run.
  • Dribbble, or similar, screen crops of your designed interfaces.
  • Screenshots of past products you have worked on and how they looked in a shipped state, with some explanation of what parts you worked on, and how it was built. Using something like Dropbox is fine.
  • Or, if none of the above are available, feel free to get creative! Perhaps include a recorded live demo (you could try to record it); share a link to a recorded presentation at a conference or meetup; or, even share raw notes captured from your notebook. Indeed, photos of your design sketchbooks are very much welcome!

What you’ll do at

  • Write JavaScript code using the best practices.
  • Come up with novel interface implementations and data visualizations.
  • Write code in Python that power our Django-based HTTP API.
  • Creatively sketch and design new product features.
  • Analyze customer usage data to improve shipped features.

What you should have

  • Ideally 4+ years experience in technology.
  • A preference for self-sufficient productivity.
  • A highly organized and disciplined approach to self-improvement.
  • Senior level of proficiency with JavaScript.
  • Comfort with git, the command line, and at least one mainstream programming language aside from JavaScript, e.g. Python, Ruby, PHP, Java.

Fully distributed team is a fully distributed team, with engineers working from across the world. People with experience working remotely will be prioritized. US/Eastern or GMT-adjacent timezones will be prioritized.