Learning Machine

Front End Engineer (Remote)

at Learning Machine

United States

About Learning Machine

Learning Machine Technologies, architect of the Blockcerts open standard with the MIT Media Lab, is the world leader in blockchain credentialing and blockchain-based digital identity. Our approach to winning the market is: “We change the world through principled architecture and customer success.” As the only blockchain-based records provider in the world with an in-market product for multi-chain issuing and self-sovereign digital identity, our offering is revolutionizing the way business in all sectors issue and verify claims and the way individuals understand and use their digital identities.

Learning Machine is a startup in its second year of commercial operation with clients around the world. From the beginning, we have been revenue driven and enterprise focused. Our Enterprise SaaS product, the Learning Machine Federated Issuing System, allows governments, companies, and educational institutions to issue blockchain records at scale to any blockchain they choose.

Overview of Front End Engineer

As with all engineering positions, we are most interested in people with strong general problem solving skills and love collaborating with other engineers. Interest in Blockchain and Decentralized Architectures a strong plus. Core contributions will be made to API design/development as well as schema work/generalization for Learning Machine’s various “canvas” features.

You are someone who has had experience with:

  • Typescript / ES.Next
  • Aurelia Framework
  • Redux
  • Polymer / Web Components

You will be responsible to:

  • Develop new user-facing features with high quality code to ensure reusability
  • Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
  • Optimize applications for speed, security and scalability
  • Assure that all code is tested
  • Collaborate in a dynamic team with other engineers and designers
  • Maintain open source code

You are someone who has:

  • Proficiency in Typescript and Next-gen Javascript
  • Extensive experience collaborating in a engineering team (Github flow)
  • Solid experience writing front-end build tools
  • BDD / TDD experience