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Freelance Fact Checker: SciShow

The difference between fact and fiction can seem a little blurred. We need people who can decipher scientific truth from science fiction in our video scripts.

We make videos that help our audiences develop a nuanced and complex view of the world around us. On our channels, SciShow, SciShow Space, and SciShow Psych, we do this by enthusiastically sharing science information for everyone to understand and enjoy, reaching over 7 million subscribers.

As our freelance fact checker, you’ll be asked to read our scripts before they get sent to our studio, make sure all the info is right and communicated correctly, cite reliable sources, and call out any grey areas to your editor. Ideally, you’re already well-versed in identifying what’s correct from incorrect quickly and know how to pinpoint questionable content efficiently.

More details on the position:

  • Job Title: Fact-Checker
  • Status: Freelance
  • Reports to: Editors
  • Rate of Pay: $18/hr (avg 20-30 hrs per week)
  • Location: Remote in USA