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Access Now

Education Coordinator, Digital Security Helpline – Global

About the Role:

As Education Coordinator you will help manage the preventative, educational, and community-building efforts of the global Access Now Helpline team. Reporting to the Deputy Helpline Director, this person will lead coordination and improvement of education efforts for the Helpline team, build relationships with key civil society partners and safety trainers, and help drive the presence and viability of the Helpline for some of the most vulnerable communities.

About Access Now:

Access Now ( is a growing international human rights organization dedicated to defending and extending the digital rights of users at risk around the world, including issues of privacy, security, freedom of expression, and transparency. Our policy, advocacy, technology, grants, and operations teams have staff presences in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East/North Africa (MENA), North America, and Asia/Pacific.

The Access Now Helpline provides technical advice, digital security resources, and support for activists and civil society in circumstances where communications are not open, free, and safe. Through a detailed understanding of the landscape of threats facing human rights defenders and the capabilities and limits of existing privacy and anonymity tools, the Helpline aims to effect positive systemic change to extend enjoyment of digital rights of users at risk around the world.

What You Will Do:

  • Oversee and coordinate educational efforts of the Helpline, such as trainings, workshops, clinics, and risk assessments
  • Evaluate the quality of educational efforts in order to improve their impact and effectiveness over time
  • Improve educational efforts through skill-building and training within the Helpline team
  • Contribute to materials and resources for security education, within the Helpline and beyond, including guides, policy templates, assessment reports, and other community documentation efforts
  • Provide proactive support to civil society organizations, journalists, and at-risk media to stay secure as needed
  • Build and maintain partnerships with at-risk communities and groups as well as digital security organizations, particularly those focused on training, capacity-building, and preventative security
  • Facilitate referrals to and collaborate with other support organizations for the needs of civil society organizations, journalists, and at-risk media networks
  • Coordinate participation in community events to expand the Helpline network to underserved communities and regions
  • Stay informed on tools intended for civil society organizations, journalists, and at-risk media networks and digital security best practices through mailing list participation, webinars, and other community news sources and be a resource for the Helpline
  • Manage the administration of convenings, and direct procurement funds to beneficiaries in coordination with Grants and Helpline staff

You Should Have:

  • Experience in assessing risks and communicating risk reduction strategies to non-technical audiences
  • Understanding of the security needs of journalists, media organizations, women, and gender and sexual minorities
  • Strong ability to plan, organize, and follow through with projects efficiently
  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to juggle multiple responsibilities and manage priorities
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent English written and oral skills
  • Fluency in other languages beside English

Ideal to Have:

  • Experience providing digital security or other training to adults
  • Experience providing security support for high-risk individuals, groups, or organizations
  • Understanding of how information controls and surveillance technologies work
  • Experience with content management strategies and platforms such as git and Markdown

Location and Commitment

This is a full time position and we are accepting applications from anywhere in the world, with a preference to locations with existing Access Now offices.

We offer a competitive salary commensurate with experience. We offer benefits to help our team members embrace new challenges and allow them to advance their career.

Women and LBTQI individuals are encouraged to apply. We are keen to receive applications from people who consider themselves under-represented in the digital rights and technology communities — even if they feel they meet only some of the qualifications.