Elo Entertainment

Director of Finance

REMOTE · Finance


Elo is a small company looking for a Director of Finance, our first financial department hire. An ideal candidate will be willing to assume a broad range of responsibilities including financial analysis, modeling, bookkeeping, oversight, and play a significant strategic role with the company. This position will report directly to company officers and is a great opportunity for personal and professional growth as the company expands.

This is a full time remote position open to candidates in the United States. Bonus points if you’re in Austin, TX.


An ideal candidate would be able to handle a significant portion of the following responsibilities:

  1. Perform core bookkeeping responsibilities:
    1. Maintain financial records for all accounts
    2. Process incoming invoices and expense reports, send payments
    3. Create customer invoices, ensure payments are received
  2. Create and maintain projections and reports:
    1. Main records for business records including financials and performance indicators
    2. Build and maintain forward-looking models and projections
    3. Produce financial reports for management and related 3rd parties
  3. Oversee and implement key processes:
    1. Maintain payroll and benefits programs
    2. Perform or oversee tax preparation and filings
    3. Implement and maintain best pest practices for processes like expense reports
  4. Oversee legal and compliance issues:
    1. Work with sales and product teams to structure partner agreements
    2. Ensure the company is complying with laws and regulations
    3. Ensure legal agreements are structured properly and efficiently
  5. Ensure the general financial health of the company:
    1. Advise and oversee choices for internal processes and external vendors
    2. Ensure the company is operating in a tax-efficient manner
  6. Assist with general company strategy:
    1. Provide guidance on sales, marketing, and partnership efforts
    2. Provide long-term forward-looking analysis to aide company growth

Bonus points for experience with the following:

  1. Growing a small company and implementing infrastructure (payroll, benefits, etc.)
  2. Transitioning to GAAP accounting and implementing reporting
  3. Managing and growing a staff, especially one with international contributors
  4. Designing bonus and performance incentive compensation plans
  5. M&A, partnerships, joint ventures and similar agreements
  6. Equity grants and options programs
  7. Fundraising
  8. Sales teams and sales compensation structures
  9. First hand experience with esports, gaming, online advertising, or media.


This is a full-time remote position with benefits.