Director of Engineering at Blackthorn


Director of Engineering

We’re building something that’s not easy, we need the best, you can work from home, we have an annual company trip, and you’ll get a deep level of satisfaction. Director role, you’ll act as a hybrid scrum master, director of engineering, and overall efficiency-of-dev-process manager. We need someone who hits the ground running, not someone that needs training.

Location: Remote, on 100% of EST hours
Report to: CTO and CPO


Blackthorn is looking for a director of engineering to manage our dev team. You won’t be responsible for architecture, your primary responsibility is to increase the velocity of development through efficient developer resource and sprint management. Must have past experience managing agile scrum dev delivery across a team of devs and hands-on MEAN stack commits.

Why is our work important
Our apps provide our customers what they’re looking for with Events and Payments without being hard to set up. Most apps in our space take weeks to implement. Our apps take hours and they work more flexibly, achieving significantly more functionality than our competitors’.


We’re at the precipice of the classic SaaS hockey stick growth chart and are now starting to scale, so those who produce will be able to define their own path. We currently have a dev team of 10 that will be scaling as we grow. You’ll oversee additional resources across multiple skill sets as we grow.

Onboarding Process

You’ll work with our internal teams to learn our stack and vision over the course of many months, but you will be expected to begin contributing within a few days.

What the job will bring you

A deep sense of satisfaction. A chance to continuously learn, be challenged, and deliver functionality to customers who crave it. Generally speaking, we deliver what’s most popularly requested to fill needs not filled by other apps in the marketplace, in a way that we think will provide the best UX. And we love our team. Meaningful work and meaningful relationship is why we are here.


  • Supervise and lead engineers
  • Direct and coordinate QA
  • Responsible for breaking down work into manageable and trackable tasks that span no greater than one work day
  • Responsible for reporting on sprint metrics (cadence, velocity, etc.) and identifying areas of inefficiency with suggestions on effective ways to improve on subsequent sprints
  • Helps team (developers and QA) identify and document roadblocks to provide clear visibility to stakeholders on why things are taking as long as they are
  • Hire, train, and mentor other engineers and supporting staff.
  • Manage the sprint board and ensure an accurate picture of the sprint status through frequent interaction with developers and updating of task progress
  • Esure all work meets or exceeds acceptable levels of standards defined in our development guidelines with every product release
  • Ensure accurate, documented, and auditable QA and UA testing with every product release
  • Establish administrative policies, procedures, and standards within the first month of joining the organization
  • Work with product team to prioritize development efforts across new feature enhancements, defect fixes, and technical improvements

Tech Requirements

  • Efficient with code
  • Know tooling well
  • 2+ years system admin experience
    • Linux/Bash/ZSH
    • SSH
    • Cron
    • Apache/NGINX
    • SSL/OpenSSL
  • 2+ years DBMS experience
    • Design
    • Normalization
    • Maintenance (Backup/Pruning)
  • 2+ years experience designing and implementing REST API’s
  • 2+ years working with NoSQL databases
    • MongoDB
    • Kafka
    • Casandra
    • Redis
  • 3+ years with Node.JS
  • 1+ years Dev-ops experience
    • Amazon AWS
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Google Cloud Platform
  • 2+ years of automated testing/linting processes and applications
  • 3+ years front-end experience
    • HTML/CSS
    • Javascript/Angular/React

Personal Requirements

  • Excellent English written and oral communication
  • Detailed and organized
  • Happy working from home
  • Self-learner
  • Happy in a fast-paced environment
  • Keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence
  • Good intuition
  • Be willing to help your teammates, share your knowledge with them, and learn from them
  • Be open to receiving constructive feedback and turning it into process improvements
  • Concern for getting work done on time and correctly
  • High standards of quality and accuracy
  • Must be comfortable in making decisions in area of specialty or expertise

What We Offer

  • An incredible team of smart and supportive people
  • A deep feeling of satisfaction and completion
  • Work from home
  • Health insurance
  • Annual company trip. This year we’ve rented an 11 bedroom Airbnb in Orlando.
  • Pledge 1% – time off during the year for helping nonprofits
  • 401k (no matching yet, for US employees only)
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave

About Blackthorn

We have three native apps on the Salesforce AppExchange for managing Events, Payments, and Donations. We’re a growing, internationally distributed team in four countries. We move fast and have significant structure in our product build process. Everyone on our team has deep experience within their respective roles. Our customers span from 1 person companies to Fortune 500s.

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