Title: KP Diagnostics Manager

Location: Remote/Nationwide Remote/Nationwide USA

Full time

This role is to make sure our clients have a smooth experience with our survey services and processing system. This includes decisions on survey items, requirements, and timelines. When a customization is outside the normal scope of the application this person will do the required programming for the additional customization. This person will process and create the summary reports for the client and the individual report for the participants. All communication pre/post, running and sending reports.

This role has a secondary focus on marketing. This role will design, create, update and maintain different forms of marketing such as videos, websites, and flyers.

This role helps trainers be successful (teach) with webinar software and applications. They will be required to understand the different webinar applications as well as productivity applications.

Key Responsibilities

  • Survey administration (360/Social Styles/Employee Engagement):
  • Establish client requirements (timelines, reporting, reminders, reprints)
  • Assist in determining survey requirements: branding, competencies, items, scale, type of observers, open-ended questions, type of reports and email instructions.
  • Initiate/modify all client communications to their participants and respondents.
  • Customization: Design and program web surveys for online access.
  • Administration: Entering the participants into the system, sending email instructions, sending follow up reminders to participants and observers.
  • Reporting: Generate survey responses, analyze and distribute survey reports, generate client on-demand reports.

Other duties

  • Multimedia development assets for use in training program content
  • Create and update all videos for marketing
  • Update and maintain GPS website (plus your
  • Update and maintain GE HR Alumni Network website.
  • Project Management: Coordinate and execute all the elements required for a successful pre & post-delivery of surveys.
  • Webinar producer: includes set up of a webinar, sending invitations, monitor chat, create & display polls, recording when necessary, breakout rooms, etc.
  • Update and support all office hardware such as desktop computers, printers, server company interface, copier, etc.
  • Update and support all software including MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint, Salesforce, Security
  • Train all employees on software and applications
  • Write and update all system documentation and user instructions

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor Degree in MIS or related field
  • 5 + Years’ experience defining the goals of the customer for any type of survey processing (360, Social Styles, Engagement, Team)
  • Experience with Perl, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, MYSQL, Platforms: Microsoft Windows and Unix, and Salesforce
  • Knowledge and use of GPS item database of 50+ competencies and 1000+ survey items.
  • Knowledge of GPS eMinder application.
  • Knowledge of Engagement Surveys
  • Perl, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress Database
  • MYSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase SQL Anywhere and Microsoft Access
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows and Unix
  • WebEx, Zoom, Adobe Connect
  • Must have strong Client communication, customer focus, and initiative