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As a Senior DevOps Engineer, you will be working on configuring Cloud Provider Services (like AWS), managing Kubernetes Clusters/deploying containers and updating Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) automation to support HICX’s Software Engineering team.

One of the main goals is to introduce and maintain multiple layers of controls for high Availability, Confidentiality and Integrity aligned with the most popular security specifications.

You will also be highly involved in the technical aspects of external penetration tests, vulnerability scans and architecture reviews by external third parties.


  • Maintain a scalable, stable set of build, test and deploy jobs for the HICX Engineering team
  • Extend and maintain the AWS based infrastructure and ensure we have scalable, global infrastructure to support our product and development the team needs
  • Ensure multiple controls are in place, like automated backups, AWS Cloudwatch metrics and alarms, multi-az deployments and anything else that can be done to ensure high availability.
  • Help author and regularly test disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Introduce vulnerability scanners to our deployments.
  • Harden key management and help enforce tight access control.
  • Extend the build system for new application initiatives if/when needed.
  • Help maintain the core automation tools such as Jenkins, Github, GitLab and extend as needed
  • Ensure the infrastructure is secure, recoverable (disaster data), maintained (security patches, tool upgrades, etc.) and highly automated


  • Strong knowledge and experience on virtualization, Kubernetes and Docker
  • Experience with cloud providers (like AWS, Azure, Google cloud)
  • Knowledge of Git (and repo) configuration management tool
  • Some knowledge of managing Linux-like systems.
  • Some Experience scripting in Bash

Location: Europe

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