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Netlify HQ, Remote APAC, Remote EMEA, Remote LATAM, Remote US

Netlify is changing the way people build web projects, and people seem to like it! We are a growing team of talented, thoughtful, and diverse people rapidly shipping features to our customers.

We are based in San Francisco, but over half of our team works remotely all around the world. We recently announced our $30M Series B funding round led by Kleiner Perkins’ Mamoon Hamid with Andreessen Horowitz and the founders of Slack, Yelp, GitHub, and Figma participating.

We’re looking for a Designer to be an early member of our growing Design Team. You’ll have a big impact on our visual identity, voice and tone, team culture, and our future.

What is my role?

You’ll be supporting all teams at Netlifythat includes our app, marketing site, supporting our growing community and our sales team.

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Design new features, and improve existing ones in our product.
  • Rethink existing pages and design new pages for our marketing site (
  • Shape and guide our brand across web and print channels, and assisting in developing the Netlify Marketing Design System.
  • Help grow and redesign some of our other brand properties like, our JAMstack Meetups all around the world, and a lot more
  • Shape and help define what is Netlify’s Design Team by contributing to our team processes, documentation, and design systems.

What are the requirements?

Here’s what we need to see from you:

  • You have a good sense of what makes a good product and user experience.
  • You have experience producing high-quality websites in a team design environment for marketing software products.
  • Can craft stunning design compositions and build out functional prototypes of your work.
  • Effectively combine messaging, layout design, and illustration to communicate a compelling visual story.
  • Work well in a sprint-based environment, shipping with an iterative mindset, balancing projects and priorities to meet deadlines.
  • Have strong written communication skills and are able to clearly communicate your intentions and present your ideas.
  • Have a healthy relationship with feedback, and you know how to effectively elicit it from a design review session.
  • Have at least a basic understanding of how modern web technologies work and are used by our customers.
  • Pay attention to detail, and you will add your favorite emoji in the first name input field when applying.
  • Both embrace constraints and imagine new possibilities.
  • Observe trends in the design community and care about where the industry is headed.
  • Lead by example, seek to understand through active listening and questioning, actively address problems you identify, and assume responsibility for your work.
  • If remote, can work hours that at least overlap for a portion of your day with The Pacific Time Zone.

How can I really impress you?

Bonus points if you:

  • Have worked for developer tooling software.
  • Have used and contributed to visual design systems.
  • Have worked in a Sketch + Abstract based workflow.
  • Get excited about web development and are opinionated about front-end technologies.
  • Are comfortable working in a GitHub based collaboration workflow.
  • Are familiar with static build systems like Jekyll or Hugo, or front-end build tools like Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, etc.