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Data Visualization Coordinator

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At CollabraLink, we’re committed to providing federal clients with simple and intuitive solutions that increase efficiency and enhance citizen engagement. Using advanced technology, rigorous processes and trusted guidance, we’re making government more interactive, productive and secure. We understand that our employees are our greatest asset. Our goal is to create an environment where employees can do important, purposeful work and be rewarded for individual and team success.

CollabraLink is seeking a Data Visualization Coordinator to join our team. The Data Visualization Coordinator will provide support to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) Climate Program Office’ (CPO) Communication, Education, and Engagement (CEE) division.


  • Communicate scientific data and information through visual means. Such work includes but is not limited to the design, production, and display of photographs, illustrations, diagrams, graphs and graphics, data visualizations, data animations, videos, physical displays (such as models or live demonstrations), slides, and charts for publication on the Internet or in books, magazines, pamphlets, exhibits, live or video recorded speeches or lectures, and other means of communicating.
  • Research, gather, and synthesize scientific and policy information, and translate that information into understandable, audience-appropriate communication products (e.g., print productions, web feature stories); includes identifying and selecting appropriate images and graphics to enhance communications products on a daily basis, and iterating until it is scientifically accurate, understandable, and usable by the targeted public.
  • Develop data visualizations, playlists and scripts for data-driven public presentation of climate-related topics utilizing cutting-edge display technologiesincluding but not limited to Science on Sphere, planetarium domes, large-screen venues, and interactive geobrowsers (e.g., Climate Explorer or GoogleEarth).
  • Identify, obtain, and prepare graphs and data visualizations using NOAA’s and partners’ data to illustrate, explain, and contextualize NOAA’s and its partners’ climate science, data products, services, tools, and applications.
  • Locate high-quality sources of imagery available through free and paid licensing arrangements, preparation of photographs, updating visualization templates, and formatting assets.
  • Routine image preparation tasks will include cropping, subsetting, and color correction of photographs and other imagery.
  • Build and maintain a database of imagery and visuals.
  • Formulate a consistent style (look and feel) for NOAA climate maps, information graphics, rendered visualizations, virtual globes, and visualizations designed for various display systems, such as 2-D geobrowsers and 3-D spheres.
  • Develop 3-D and 2-D rendering, audio and video editing, preparing video for web streaming, video compression, and scripting languages for large data processing.
  • Integrate and develop code into the ESRI-ArcGIS toolbox platform to facilitate and expedite data visualization workflows. Make these tools available to data visualization team members.
  • Develop GIS and data visualization GUI applications that could be run in a stand-alone environment (terminal or command line) or as add-ons for existing platforms (ESRI or QGIS for example).
  • Research and scope the potential for new ways to ingest and render large datasets for animation renderings.
  • Research and develop novel data visualization methods including 3-D and 4-D datasets.
  • Develop photorealistic 3-D perspective animations and imagery using NOAA datasets.
  • Work with JavaScript, Python, and Django to scope and implement the integration of data visualization efforts into web-based widgets and platforms.

Required Experience:

  • At least 4 years of experience in the field or in a related area
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Finance, Management, Information Systems or another applicable field required.

Preferred Experience:

  • Knowledge of NOAA systems, services, research, and/or programs is a plus, but not required
  • Policy background experience at a Federal Agency preferred
  • Fellowship Experience (for example: Knauss Fellowship or AAAS Science and Technology Fellowship) preferred

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