Data Quality Analyst at Arcadia Healthcare Solutions

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Data Quality Analyst

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In this position as a Data Quality Analyst you will be a part of an organization responsible for the quality of customer data throughout the entirety of our data pipeline. From initial data receipt through to ongoing maintenance, you and your team will be responsible for evaluating, identifying issues and managing resolutions for the quality and integrity of the wide breadth of healthcare data that our customers use on our population health platform.

You will have the opportunity to work with our industry leading customers to understand their business needs, identify how they can use the data they have available to be successful on the Arcadia platform and analyze and maintain the quality of that data throughout the entire data processing pipeline.

What Success Looks Like…

In 3 months

  • Developed strong understanding of the Arcadia platform and how data is used in value based care
  • Work as part of team to use our toolsets in evaluating and monitoring the quality of customer data as it flows through our pipeline
  • Established internal cross team relationships with team members managing same clients

In 6 months

  • Independently managing the data pipeline for a portfolio of clients with increasing complexity
  • Meaningfully contributing to process improvement conversations on internal processes
  • Continuing to develop capabilities as healthcare data SME

In 12 months

  • Able to have customer facing conversations highlighting the intricacies of their data. In particular, you’ll be able to articulate data quality issues in such a way that cause, impact and resolution can be easily understood
  • Established yourself as a healthcare data SME that can work with internal and external teams to drive the meaningful use of their data to be successful in value based care
  • Heavily contributing to continuous improvement of team processes

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Use technology (AWS Quicksight, SQL, proprietary internal tooling) to analyze customer data to ensure continuous, consistent and reliable quality of data as defined by you, the team and the customer
  • Work with development team building out customer integrations to establish requirements for integration based on the data set and the customer goals
  • Lead customer facing conversations about the quality, completeness and issues with the data provided including being a part of client issue management
  • Work with an internal cross functional team to organize, prioritize and manage the large number of data integrations to customer environments

What You’ll Have

  • 2+ years experience with healthcare data analysis, preferably with focus on complex analysis of data quality
  • Experience in the technologies that we use to support our data quality analysis (SQL, AWS Quicksight or BI equivalent)
  • Proven desire to continuously learn new things and develop self into a subject matter expert
  • Proven capability to effectively work as part of a team as a creative and determined problem solver
  • Experience in building an organization that is based on a vision and mission
  • Significant experience with cross functional internal and external teams with success in solving challenging problems as a part of a team
  • A tireless and relentless approach to customer satisfaction
  • Be an unwavering force for good within the organization and continue building of the supportive and innovative culture

What You Get

  • Opportunity to be a part of a mission driven organization focused on helping provider organizations change the way they provide care to their patients
  • Opportunity to work with a diverse customer base that includes some of the leading organizations within the value based care industry
  • Chance to be surrounded by a team of extremely talented and dedicated individuals driven to succeed
  • Competitive compensation
  • Amazing benefits including unlimited FTO

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