Customer Success Engineer at PlanetScale


Customer Success Engineer

  • Mountain View, CA or Remote in US Timezones

The Problem

Relational databases are awesome. They support foreign keys, transactions and SQL. They are powerful, well-understood, well-supported and battle hardened. But they do not scale beyond a single node like NoSQL systems do…

What if there was a way to keep all the advantages of a relational database, but have the ability to horizontally scale them like a NoSQL system? What if this system provided guardrails that protected databases from toxic queries? What if all this could be achieved with minimal changes to your application while letting it view your sharded MySQL cluster as a giant monolithic database? What if the operational management of this system was simple and intuitive?

The Solution

We built Vitess at Google to scale, manage and monitor YouTube’s MySQL databases on Borg, the blueprint for Kubernetes. Today, Vitess is an Apache 2 Licensed open source project owned by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and uses MySQL as the underlying data store which is the most popular open source database. It is trusted by companies like Square, Slack and Github to run mission-critical workloads at massive scale. Vitess has enabled HubSpot and to run their workloads on Kubernetes.

At PlanetScale, we have built a fully hosted database-as-a-service that allows businesses to deploy new databases around the globe with just a few clicks and manages them with production grade workflows via an intuitive user interface. We take care of backups, restores, applying schema changes, applying software patches, master failovers, while providing world class durability and availability guarantees. We call this PlanetScaleDB.

We built PlanetScaleDB on Kubernetes using the operator design pattern and created a standard Kubernetes API that makes it easy to deploy and manage the master and replicas for a single database in multiple cloud providers.

About You

You can spot trouble a mile away. You know when something isn’t right and more importantly you know exactly how to fix it. There is nothing too complex for you to understand. You don’t stop at a solution, you stop when you know why. Using that experience you are the expert on making sure deployments are successful, you know everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong, or will go wrong and you can design solutions to make sure it never goes wrong. You are also great at helping others understand complex things. You can translate from technical to practical, and you are a human index to the library of documentation and case studies that make up your list of favorite reads.

What You Will Be Doing

PlanetScale’s goal is to make it a breeze to deploy and operate Vitess/MySQL clusters on-premise as well as in the cloud. Your job is to take a customer from deploying Vitess to successfully running their business on it. You will work alongside them as they scale out their systems, and take full advantage of Vitess and/or the PlanetScaleDB platform. When there are questions you will answer them, when there are problems you will fix them. You will be:

  • Helping customers in deploying their Vitess clusters, alongside our professional services team
  • Showing customers how to modify their queries and applications to use Vitess to its fullest
  • Helping customers use the PlanetScaleDB managed database platform, alongside our SRE team
  • Figuring out what gaps exist in Vitess for a customer and helping our Technical Account Management, Engineering and Sales Engineering teams to prioritize and close them

What Will Help You Be Successful:

  • Experience deploying and running databases and applications, preferably at scale
  • Working knowledge of Kubernetes
  • Working knowledge of one or more of the major cloud IaaS platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Strong networking background; we are often pulling up tcpdump traces to debug problems
  • Experience with MySQL and SQL
  • Strong ability to communicate and deal directly with customers, whether in email, Slack, video conference, or in person
  • Programming experience. While you will not be programming full-time, the ability to pinpoint problems by navigating sometimes unfamiliar code, and potentially generate patches when necessary is required
  • Knowledge of common application deployment platforms and frameworks. Our customers use all kinds of languages and frameworks to speak to MySQL. While no-one can possibly be fluent with all of them, knowledge of a few can be super-useful

Perks At PlanetScale:

  • Work closely with a cross functional team of highly motivated and intelligent folks with a unique range of startup and enterprise experience
  • Competitive salary with stock options
  • Benefits & 401k plan option
  • Unlimited vacation

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