Remote | International

Content Writer

We want to help more people learn about 1Password and the importance of online security. To help us on this quest, we’re looking to expand our content team. As a content writer at 1Password, you’ll work with others on the content team to write new copy for our blog, website, and other marketing materials.

What you’ll do

For the first 6 months as a content writer, you’ll be expected to complete the following projects:

Month 1

  • Read the 1Password style guide to learn how we communicate with our customers.
  • Create blog posts and other resources that teach people about online security.
  • Suggest ideas for new articles and blog posts.

Month 3

  • Optimise new and existing blog posts for search, by including relevant keywords and linking to related content on our website.
  • Draft press releases and announcements for new features, releases, and other 1Password news.
  • Work with the security and development teams to write articles about 1Password, educate existing customers, and reach potential ones.

Month 6

  • Continue creating blog posts, guides, web pages and press releases for
  • Collaborate with other teams to improve traffic to pages on
  • Help edit other people’s content for clarity, accuracy and adhesion to the 1Password style guide.

What you have

  • Communication skills that get people to understand, not just skim, what you’re writing.
  • A way of adapting those communication skills to new audiences with different styles and tones.
  • Over two years’ experience writing web content, with one year of that spent writing about software or technology.
  • A knack for learning things on your own and quickly adapting to new environments. Since 1Password is remote, it’s important to be independent in your research, but also have the humility to ask for help when you aren’t sure about something.

What you might also have

  • Familiarity with keywords, meta descriptions, page titles, and internal linking.
  • An acquaintance with Markdown, HTML, CSS, and perhaps Hugo.
  • Personal experience with 1Password.