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Analysis of operational procedures for E4I and Congo Maji

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Mercy Corps has been operating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) since August 2007, with a staff of around 300 people working in North Kivu, South Kivu, Province Orientale, and Kinshasa. Mercy Corps’ national office is in Goma with sub-field offices in Katwe, Mweso, Butembo (North Kivu), Bukavu (South Kivu), and Dungu (Province Orientale). Current Mercy Corps activities focus on the provision of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services in camps of internally displaced people, but also large-scale WASH infrastructure and service delivery development in urban centers. The DRC team has a strong commitment to providing entrepreneurial and innovative solutions to development challenges and is actively seeking and facilitating market-based solutions.


Mercy Corps is implementing a $60M (USD) grant agreement with DFID to increase access to clean water in Goma and Bukavu. The IMAGINE program integrates infrastructure investments with governance, behavior change, gender and water service delivery components with the aim to reduce diarrhea rates in children under 5-years.

The general approach of IMAGINE is to link infrastructure investment with service delivery improvement. The program involves designing, rehabilitating, extending and constructing city water and sanitation infrastructure as well as working to reform management structures to ensure that operations are managed profitably and sustainably. Building on the success of an earlier public-private pilot for the management of a water network extension north of the city of Goma, extensive studies were carried out to determine how to scale up the pilot, professionalize the service and ensure robust contracting. As a result, Mercy Corps facilitate the establishment of a dedicated DRC water utility company (Congo Maji Sarl) and a UK charity (E4i). The latter owns the former creating a mission driven not-for-profit social business. The division of roles and responsibilities between Congo Maji and E4i are that Congo Maji is the water utility operator in the DRC, while E4i ensures the corporate governance of Congo Maji and provides Congo Maji with technical and management assistance. E4i is also chiefly responsible for determining strategy and providing future development opportunities for Congo Maji and any future ventures.

The Consultancy

Mercy Corps will contract the services of a consultant/firm with proven experience in developing, reviewing and setting up operational procedure manuals for NGOs.


The aim of the consultancy is to improve the governance of Congo Maji and Enterprise for Impact (E4I) by strengthening their key operational policies and procedures, by building staff capacity in these areas, and establishing a system to best ensure adherence to critical policies.


The consultant will carry out an assessment of the existing operational procedures and practices, identify gaps and areas for improvement and strengthening for both Congo Maji (CM) and E4i; develop a detailed work-plan to be agreed upon with CM and E4i, and put in place all defined policies, procedures, systems and manuals.

The consultant will undertake the following steps in order to ensure successful completion of the project:

  1. Assess and review existing policies and procedures, manual and systems within Congo Maji’s administration, finance, HR, operations, quality control, reporting, customer relationship, and compliance departments ;
  2. Assess policies, procedures, manuals and systems in place within Mercy Corps;
  3. Based on the assessment carried out in (a) and (b), identify all relevant gaps and/or areas that need to be improved/strengthened, considering the differential scope of CM and MC; the former being a commercial entity, the second one a nongovernmental organization;
  4. Discuss with CM and E4i management team the identified gaps to define priorities;
  5. Integrating the work conducted in point b with a preliminary list of policies, procedures, systems and manuals already identified by the E4i team, define a concrete action plan to develop the minimum requirements to allow E4i to become operationally independent (NB: E4i’s policies and operational practices will be highly aligned with those of MC);
  6. In addition to (e), identify additional policies, procedure, manual and systems required for E4i to operate in the specific DRC context;
  7. Based on (d), (e) and (f) build a comprehensive and well defined workplan;
  8. Upon agreement by CM and E4i’s management on the workplan, develop and put in place all defined policies, procedure, manuals and systems working closely to the managers/directors of each department;
  9. Facilitate trainings and or/capacity building sessions for the staff members on the new policies and systems;
  10. Develop mechanisms to ensure that newly developed policies, procedures, systems and manuals, as well as those already in place, are updates as needed;
  11. Develop cross check mechanisms to ensure that the newly developed policies, procedures, systems and manuals, as well as those already in place, are implemented.

Expected time frame

  • Action Review of existing policies and procedures, manuals and systems within Congo Maji and Mercy Corps; Days 15
  • Action Identify gaps within CM and priority policies and procedures, manuals and systems to enable E4i to operate independently; Days 15
  • Action Development of procedures and manuals Days 70
  • Action Submission, feedback and update Days 20
  • Action Trainings, capacity building sessions and development of mechanisms to update and verify system’s implementation Days 12
  • total days 132

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