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Hello, my name is Marc Stockman, the CEO and co-founder of Metabolic Living and I need your help.

We’re entering our 10th year operating as a 100% virtual company and just hit our hockey stick moment. We’ve built a mature, profitable, multiple 8 figure business that’s 100% internally funded, grew 75% YoY in 2019 and have over 100 people on our team. We’re on track to do $100MM+ this year, are introducing our new brand at end of Q1 and have a 5-year plan to build a billion dollar brand. It’s our 10th year in business, but it feels like our first with so many exciting things happening. I love what I do, love the business we’ve built, love the team we’ve assembled and can’t wait for this next leg of growth.

However, this growth comes with challenges. And to help manage this growth (and retain my sanity), I’m looking for an extremely sharp, fast learning, unquenchably curious, business-savvy team builder who can quickly figure things out and rapidly overcome challenges to be Chief of Staff to the CEO. You must be able to thrive in a fast-moving environment with lots of ambiguity, formulate and articulate strong, informed opinions, embrace disagreement and debate gracefully and have a keen ability to find the signal in the noise and focus on what counts to deliver consistent results.

You’ll act as a “CEO force multiplier”, helping to leverage my CEO time as much as possible, speeding execution on key strategic initiatives, ensuring we grow cleanly and develop the high performance, but humble culture we want. You’ll bring bring your own ideas to the table to help us execute better and have a blast while doing it. You’ll drink from the firehose along with me and get the C-level experience and perspective in real-time. This your opportunity to jump-step several levels right into the hot seat.

You’ll act as an extended set of CEO eyes, ears, hands and feet to ensure we stay intimately connected to the true heartbeat of the organization as we scale. We’ll work hand-in-hand to reflect on the past, peer into the future, and look around corners to avoid landmines, remove bottlenecks and capitalize on the right opportunities. And you’ll become a trusted confidant who can help handle sensitive situations and information due to your outstanding integrity and character and strong moral and ethical compass.

However, the single most important impact you’ll have is to help us execute on our core vision as fast as possible, which is to make our metabolism-first lifestyle the default worldwide standard for health. We make it as easy as possible for people to feel their best, look their best and perform their best, every day, without the frustrating struggle. This is our north star. Read more about what we do below.

This is an exciting challenge for the right candidate to run along side me, acting as a trusted advisor and sounding board, taking ownership of key strategic projects and being in the thick of all the most important things happening inside the company. We’re somewhat unique in that we have a 100% virtual organization and are constantly challenged with new problems to solve. This is your opportunity to learn with me how to scale an 8-figure business to 9 figures and beyond. For the right candidate, this is an opportunity to move into a more specialized executive role after 18-24 months as Chief of Staff.

If you LOVE every aspect of building a business, crave the opportunity to make an impact, and…

  • You LOVE dissecting opportunities, architecting strategy and building high level plans…
  • You LOVE leading teams, inspiring them to deliver and holding them accountable…
  • You LOVE diving neck deep to obsessively research a problem and devise solutions…
  • You LOVE consumer psychology and behavior and figuring out what makes people tick…
  • You LOVE to build systems, optimize process and tinker to figure out what works best…

Then please read on as you’re the ideal candidate… and we’d love to talk to you ASAP.

To summarize the key points:

  • Salary: $75,000 – $150,000 (plus bonus)
  • Location: 100% Remote (virtual team of 100+ with no corporate office)
  • Benefits: Full Insurance (health, dental & long-term disability) + Robust 401k
  • Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 (preferably Eastern time but flexible)
  • Travel: Occasionally for Strategic Meetings or Team Get-togethers
  • Culture: High-Performance but Humble (no jerks) that Creates Space for Deep Work
  • Personality: Obsessed with Details so We can Simplify the Complex for Others

Who is This Opportunity Perfect for?

This is the perfect opportunity for a high-caliber, high-ceiling person with a natural, powerful, unstoppable inner drive for excellence who might relate to any of these:

If you’re hitting the wall at your current company, not able to break into the executive ranks despite you clearly having what it takes, frustrated that your job has become routine, mundane and without challenge, this is your opportunity to tap into your full potential and jump with both feet right into the fire, drink from the firehose and rapidly tackle one new exciting challenge after another, getting exposure to the C-level experience that’s impossible to get unless you’re actually at the C-level.

Or, if you’ve been at a fast-growing start-up, but they haven’t turned the corner and learned how to grow without the stress, how to deliver results without working past 5 p.m., how to not burn the candle at both ends, how to create a profitable business model that doesn’t depend on the whims of VC or PE world to provide the next round of funding… this is your opportunity to take back control, live life under your own terms and design a lifestyle that brings you joy, happiness and satisfaction.

Or, if you’re drowning in the “big company” world, suffocating from the snail-paced progression of projects, handcuffed by the absurd layers of unnecessary bureaucracy, and starving for something stimulating to sink your teeth into, this is your opportunity to jump on board a fast moving train where things MUST happen fast and decisions MUST be made quickly. This is your shot to pour your heart and soul into ONE big opportunity where the sky is the limit… and scale it like never before.

Regardless of your situation, whether you prefer to work in the quiet of your own home, sipping a delicious cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop, or outside enjoying the sunshine on a bright, beautiful day… AND you are a humble, high-performing individual who would THRIVE in this type of environment, then please read on, as we can’t wait to meet you.

Who Are We and What’s the Company’s Background?

Our mission is to empower people to thrive EVERY day so they can enjoy life to the fullest. And our vision is to do this by making our metabolism-first lifestyle become the worldwide standard for healthy living. It’s a flexible, fun lifestyle that’s 100% focused on delivering the results that matter: feeling your best, looking your best and performing your best. In the shortest time possible. And in a way that sticks.

It puts YOU back in control. It helps YOU understand how your body and metabolism works. It empowers YOU to fix your own problems. And because it alleviates the frustration and confusion so many of us experience when trying to fix our health, it makes you want to tell the world about it.

Our goal is to grow into a billion-dollar multi-channel brand that’s distributed via online, mobile and physical retail. For 9 years, we’ve been painstakingly building the products, services, framework, team and culture to make this happen. We have a robust, mature, complete and profitable business model with scalable customer acquisition. And now we’re pushing into a massive new growth phase.

We’ve built a full ecosystem of products that allow someone to live a metabolism-first lifestyle. This includes exercise and nutrition programs, nutraceuticals, functional foods, memberships and coaching programs. We’re launching our mobile app later this year, then will push into offline retail, extend into home-delivered meals and more. But ONE thing at a time, just like we’ve done for 9 years.

Our next major step is rolling out our new Metabolic Living brand and centralized e-commerce website at, scheduled to be live in first half of 2020. We will consolidate into this centralized website our various product-branded microsites like at

So why is a metabolism-first lifestyle needed? Because there are record amounts of sick, overweight, tired and depressed people piling up around the world. We’re over-worked, over-stressed, over-fed and full of toxins. And we’re deprived of the sleep, nutrition, movement and relaxation we need to thrive.

Unfortunately, the typical solution of extreme dieting and exercise traps people into a 1-step-forward, 2-steps back vicious cycle that makes them worse off. They bounce from one latest flavor-of-the-month program to the next, never making progress… trapped in a downward spiral of increasing desperation.

And philosophies like Paleo or Vegan, while extremely healthy for some, create a rigid us-vs-them tribal mentality that’s self-limiting. Neither of those philosophies work for all people all the time… or even the same person all the time. People differ. Bodies change. If that’s not respected, things will backfire.

The answer? Instead of trying to FIND the perfect program, you need to CREATE their own – one that respects how YOUR body works. And that’s where our metabolism-first framework comes in.

It empowers you with a repeatable, customizable method to optimize your metabolism. Because we’ve found through working with millions of people that a fully optimized metabolism is what delivers the results everyone wants – feeling their best, looking their best and performing their best, EVERY day.

So, instead of fighting against your body and getting inconsistent results with a one-size fits all program or protocol, we teach you to work with your body to enjoy consistent results by building your OWN perfect customized program. One that’s practical, enjoyable and sustainable… and starts working fast.


What Are the Major Objectives the Chief of Staff will Deliver?

  • Take leadership role in developing the company’s high performance, but humble culture that we’ve been carefully curating for 10 years, rolling out specific initiatives to bring it to life
  • Develop high performance, yet humble culture training materials to ensure all new team members are onboarded properly and intimately understand our culture
  • Lead the rollout and optimization of OKRs company-wide, managing the process from A-Z to ensure it’s implemented in a way that gels with our company and accelerates results
  • Assist building out the CEO office, helping to hire and train an executive assistant and creating CEO rules of engagement and other SOPs so the CEO office works efficiently and effectively
  • Develop KPI dashboards for the CEO and executive team to get appropriate “heartbeat” company snapshots for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and YTD timeframes
  • Create a set of quality standards docs that unambiguously outline the WOW experience our customers need to have when interacting with our products or customer service team
  • Build a brand style guide that unambiguously outlines how our brand should make our customers think, feel and react in every domain and modality our brand plays in
  • Conduct routine “heartbeat meetings” with senior leadership team and other key team members to deliver “finger on the pulse” updates to CEO
  • Own the strategic planning process, ensuring the appropriate weekly, quarterly and annual meeting rhythms are in place and that all stakeholders are held accountable for their roles
  • Lead development of a creative add-on to our normal benefits plan that delivers its own WOW experience to act both as a recruiting and retention tool, reflecting our unique virtual culture
  • Spearhead developing a structured plan to make our company fun to work at, starting with the onboarding process, small gestures, quarterly appreciations, company get-togethers, etc.

What On-going Responsibilities will the Chief of Staff Have?

  • Deliver a force multiplying effect for the CEO so he can consistently and methodically focus his time on those things that deliver the highest ROI for the business
  • Systematically analyze operations to identify productivity bottlenecks and work with the CEO to remove these bottlenecks one at a time, starting with highest priority ones first
  • Collaborate with CEO to analyze and strategy on how to make the CEO a more effective, efficient CEO, scrutinizing priorities, time allocation, behavior, actions, etc. for improvement
  • Be a trusted advisor to the CEO, providing “another brain” to help think through complex business issues, act as sounding board for new ideas and trusting sensitive information to
  • Lead cross-functional initiatives that don’t have a clear home within the company, assuming ownership to project manage and execute, working with appropriate stakeholders as necessary
  • Prioritize the CEO’s time, focusing him on the highest value-added things by finding the signal in the noise, holding him accountable for promises made and ensuring proper follow-through
  • Anticipate the CEO’s and overall business’s needs, proactively researching issues, highlighting to the CEO potential landmines, new opportunities and other key potentialities to have on radar
  • Collaborate with the CEO to architect the buildout of key strategic teams as we scale, collaborating with senior leadership on each team to identify new roles needed and prioritizing
  • Perform in-depth research on new strategic opportunities, identifying and synthesizing all relevant information into crisp, clean presentations to the CEO for rapid assessment
  • Provide strategic accountability to senior executive team by taking notes during meetings that CEO attends and ensuring agreed upon action items are executed against
  • Manage occasional travel and meeting schedule for the CEO and senior team, including transportation and accommodations and other such needs as they arise
  • Lead reference checks for key strategic hires, collaborating with CEO to create a workflow that surfaces and assesses key attributes to identify ideal fit with our culture

What Key Skills Does the Ideal Chief of Staff Need?

  • Systems-oriented thinker with strong organizational skills who loves to create order out of chaos with highly organized systems that can deliver success, regardless of who is in charge
  • An integrative thinker with a robust arsenal of strategic and tactical skills who is comfortable being dropped into any situation, handling ambiguity, and figuring things out rapidly
  • A passion for everything business – building things, cultivating people, solving problems, running numbers, making tradeoffs, setting strategy, dialing in operations, removing bottlenecks, etc.
  • Extremely high integrity and character with a strong moral and ethical compass – someone who can be trusted with sensitive information and deal with sensitive situations
  • An authentically humble personality who knows there’s always more to learn and ways to improve, no matter what level of status, organizational hierarchy or title they possess
  • Intense worker who loves to roll-up their sleeves and throw themselves directly at problem and grind away until the problem is solved, doing whatever it takes to get it done
  • First-principles logical thinker who views everything as a blank canvas and who loves to challenge the status quo by stripping a process down to identify the fundamental parts that are true and then building things back up from there to create innovative solutions
  • A powerful consumer-oriented, marketing mindset who loves to figure out how people think, what they will react to and loves everything from marketing strategy to specific tactics
  • A unique combination of an engineering mind that loves to tinker with technical details to figure things out plus a great people person who has the soft skills to get along with anybody
  • Highly emotionally intelligent with ability to quickly establish strong and trusting relationships, build and motivate teams, and persuade, influence and inspire
  • Possess a knack for getting the details right, picking up on spoken and unspoken nuances and clearly seeing the shades of gray, excellent at detecting patterns diving hidden meaning
  • Strong ability to self-advocate and extremely comfortable with voicing opinions, disagreeing openly and challenging others respectfully and ultimately driving towards consensus
  • Keen sense of urgency to get things done ASAP with ability to overcome obstacles quickly to get things done on time, on spec and on budget
  • Incessantly self-optimizes, constantly looking for ways to sharpen their own sword, always looking to get better, brutally honest and transparent about their own shortcomings
  • Sharp financial / economic mindset with combination of strong raw quantitative ability and ability to synthesize numbers to evaluate and prioritize opportunities and allocate resources
  • Highly resourceful, creative and crafty with a knack for figuring out how to get things done most efficiently and effectively in the least time possible
  • Excellent storyteller who intuitively knows how to read an audience and package up and frame thing in a way that instantly connects and spurs that audience into action
  • Ability to rapidly process new information and circumstances, pinpointing the signal in noise, and distill the core essence of things quickly, turning that into informed, smart decisions
  • Wise decision maker who has learned too many lessons to count from the school of hard knocks and as such, has developed a keen ability to make good choices and smart decisions
  • Proficient with all Microsoft Office tools with ability to build engaging presentations fast, whip together crisp spreadsheets quickly and pound out strategic write-ups concisely
  • Tenacious project manager who knows how to quickly and accurate scope out requirements, build a team, inspire them into action and hold them accountable for results
  • Obsessive researcher who knows how to peel the onion dozens of layers deep to identify the core underlying dynamics and synthesize those into executive level summaries
  • High energy person who brings an engaging personality and positive get-it-done attitude to any situation with a default glass half-full outlook, yet grounded in brutal realism
  • Possess an unquenchable curiosity and thirst to learn more, understand deeper, and get better
  • A strong sense of ownership with an unstoppable drive towards excellence, self-motivated to deliver the best results possible because that’s THE only way you do things

What Experience Should the Ideal Chief of Staff Have?

  • Minimum of 2 years exposure to hyper-growth environments with the battle-scars and hard-won wisdom to show for it, knowing what successes to repeat and what pain points to avoid
  • 5 years of operational experience, growing and managing larger, 50+ person teams, owning strategy, developing OKRs/goals, hitting targets, hiring and cultivating people, etc.
  • 1-2 years direct P&L responsibility, establishing and hitting KPIs, building budgets and forecasts, deciding on which projects to invest in, allocating resources, etc.
  • 2-3 years cross-functional project management experience, working with a variety of stakeholders across departments, to deliver projects on spec on budget and on time


What You’ll Enjoy from Us:

  • A Curated Team – A very supportive team of other high-performers who like to get things done, hold themselves accountable and help each other out wherever possible.
  • A Nurturing Culture – A culture that supports and nurtures your need to learn, grow and challenge yourself to be the best you possibly can be.
  • A Fantastic Lifestyle – A 100% remote experience that allows you to work from home, enjoy your family, outside interests and passions

If this sounds like a good fit, if you’re excited to do something challenging and meaningful that preserves your ability to enjoy life to the fullest, then please apply ASAP as we can’t wait to meet you!

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