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Car Mechanic Expert

As a Freelance Car/Motorcycle Expert on JustAnswer, you can work anywhere, anytime answering automotive questions from your computer or smartphone. Help people with their questions that you choose in any field of Cars or Motorcycles. No signup fees, no limit on cash earnings. Join the largest community of paid Experts online, who have answered over 16 million questions for people around the world since 2006.

Required Qualifications

  • ASE certification, plus a minimum 2 years of relevant employment (e.g. motorcycle mechanic or automotive technician)
  • 5 years of employment required if you do not possess an industry license.
  • All Experts are required to pass an identification and professional background verification.

How to start the application process

Feel free to begin the application process here: You will choose the Car’s specialty follow by the relevant sub-specialty.

Commonly Asked questions:

  • Besides oil changes, what else can I do to maintain my 1998 Toyota Camry so that it lasts longer?
  • Why is the valve lifter on a 2007 Silverado pickup truck going bad, even after we just replaced it?
  • Why are the TPMS lights on in my 2008 Honda Odyssey, even though all tire pressure is correct?
  • There’s an engine misfire and a compression of 30 in the cylinder on my 2002 Land Rover Discovery. I’ve taken off the valve cover and see nothing wrong with the springs or rods.

Additional Information:

  • No onsite servicing will be required.
  • No shift schedules or weekly hour commitments required
  • Support team assisting ALL new Experts on our site with training and best practices
  • Mobile App for our on-the-go Expert’s. You’ll be able to answer questions from home or while on the road.

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