Associate General Counsel, Claims
San Francisco CA
Remote USA

Company Information:

What we look for

Our exceptional and motivated employees are our greatest strength. Our employees provide the highest level of customer service and help maintain our position as a leader in the global marketplace.

Markel Style

The Markel Style is what makes us stand out from our competitors. It’s our core value which should underpin how we do business, while influencing our behavior and performance. We are looking for people who have potential and share our passion to live the Markel Style, which is described in more detail below.

If you think you have these core attributes we want to hear from you.

Job Summary:

  • Associate General Counsel, Claims is a technical resource within the Markel Claim Organization; assists with providing consistent interpretation and application of policy coverages across all business lines; manages claim matters involving allegations of bad faith or which seek extra-contractual damages against Markel companies; assists in reviewing pleadings, motions, release and discovery in declaratory judgment actions filed on behalf of the Company or filed against the Company which do not allege bad faith; coordinates with Corporate Legal on specified matters of regulatory compliance.
  • Associate General Counsel, Claims is a critical thinker in case-management; engages in independent analysis and evaluation of claims involving allegations of bad faith, which seek extra-contractual damages, or in which such exposures are alleged or may be created by the handling or outcome of a non-extra-contrctual matter; engages in independent analysis of cases handled by other product lines on an as requested basis; makes recommendations to the Assistant General Counsel, Claims on cases requiring elevated review and approval. Acts in a consultant role in case conferences.
  • Associate General Counsel, Claims identifies training opportunities and assists in providing training to the Claims Staff as needed
  • Associate General Counsel, Claims is accountable to contribute in every way possible to execute established initiatives.

Job Responsibilities

  • Manage matters involving bad faith allegations or which seek extra-contractual damages against Markel, including notification to Senior Claims Management and the Legal Department of potential Errors & Omissions exposure
  • Manage matters involving suits against the Company which involve underwriting and claims issues, regulatory issues or issues of importance to Markel, where we reasonably believe the claim will be amended to addbad faith allegations or to seek extra-contractual damages
  • For those Divisions which do not have designated Associate General Counsel, Claims to provide coverage advice, provide advice to Claims Examiners, Managers and Directors in the areas of coverage interpretation and coverage application
  • Review proposed declaratory judgment actions and makes a recommendation to the underlying Claims Director as to whether such actions should be filed.
  • Review pleadings, affidavits, corporate disclosures (as requested), draft discovery responses and settlement agreements in suits against the Company
  • Assist in reviewing and responding to policy limit demands, 93A notices, civil remedy notices and 998 demands
  • Assist in deposition preparation
  • Provide technical guidance to Examiners, Managers and Directors on an as requested basis
  • Provides training as to bad faith and on other topics on an as requested basis
  • Review potential rescission actions and provide recommendations to Underwriting and the underlying Claims Director for proceeding
  • Participate in case conferences with Examiners, Managers, Directors and /or Underwriters on an as requested basis and ad hoc basis
  • Review and/or drafting of correspondence to personal counsel for insureds and business partners as requested.
  • Provide information to business partners about changes in the legal environment
  • Coordinate with Corporate Legal on matters of regulatory compliance
  • Complete quarterly surveys on suits against the Company
  • Assist in reviewing responses to claims-related Department of Insurance Complaints and/or Civil Remedy Notices
  • Presentations to Claims and Underwriting as requested
  • Assist with special projects as requested

“Why work for us?”

Diversity and inclusion

Markel is truly a global and diverse company. We believe that diversity makes us better business partners and that embracing people’s differences can bring amazing results and fuel innovation. We have a portfolio of businesses and product lines that operate around the world.

Community involvement

Markel has a rich heritage of supporting communities across the world where our customers and employees live and work. Giving back is part of our history and our future. Our employees share in this philosophy through volunteering, mentoring and fundraising.

Commitment to open doors

Markel is committed to creating the best work environment. Our open-door policy is essential in recognizing business issues as they rise and to address the changing needs of our diverse and global workforce. Challenging management is a component of the Markel Style—some of our best ideas start from a conversation between a manager and an employee.

Entrepreneurial spirit

As the Markel Style states, we pursue excellence, strive for a better way, and share the success of others. Markel associates proactively seek new business opportunities, bringing further success to Markel.

Full time